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Halo Infinite leaks claim new game modes in the works & coming soon

Published: 28/Nov/2021 12:29

by Joe Craven


Fresh leaks from Halo Infinite data miners suggest a number of new game modes are coming to the 343 Industries title, under the name Tactical Operations. 

Halo Infinite’s launch has generally gone down well in the Halo community, with players heaping praise on developers 343 Industries but also pointing out some of the game’s more egregious issues.

Amongst the game’s retro and simultaneously innovative feel, the community have been especially pleased with the readiness of the game’s esports scene, with many Call of Duty players looking on enviously.

However, amongst the positivity, some players have demanded the return of classic game modes and criticized ‘anti-player’ decisions from developers and publishers alike.


Halo multiplayer screengrab
343 Industries
Halo Infinite could be getting some new game modes very soon.

New leaks have not confirmed the return of classic game modes, but they have indicated that new game modes will be dropping soon in-game.

Leaker ‘HaloNoticiasMX‘ revealed that a number of modes are coming under the title ‘Tactical Ops’. The modes coming under Tactical Ops include Tactical Slayer, Tactical One Flag, Tactical CTF, Tactical Strongholds, Tactical Elimination, Tactical Attrition, Tactical Oddball, and Tactical King of the Hill.

While fans were pleased with the news of diverse game modes coming to Halo, others suggested that they will be similar to the Swat modes we have seen in past titles. In Swat gametypes, players do not spawn with shields or motion sensors.


Other game modes players have called for include the ever-popular Infection and Grifball. The latter, a Red vs Blue-inspired twist on Oddball, has been used in the winter months in Halo before, so it would fit.

Barring the leaks, not a lot about new game modes has been detailed. They remain unofficial until confirmed by 343, with plenty still open to change in the game’s development process.