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FPS legend FormaL officially joins OpTic Halo roster for HCS season

Published: 18/Feb/2022 22:53 Updated: 18/Feb/2022 23:00

by Jaret Kappelman


OpTic Gaming have announced a shocking roster change which brings FPS legend Matthew ‘FormaL’ Piper to the team, replacing Justin ‘iGotUrPistola‘ Deese. He will join Bradley ‘aPg’ Laws, Tommy ‘Lucid’ Wilson, and Joey ‘Trippy’ Taylor.

Back when FormaL retired from Call of Duty, everyone has been patiently waiting for his next move. As an old Halo pro, people were optimistic about him coming to compete in Halo Infinite.

While the pro did stand in for Sentinels during the first HCS event of the year, it was only a temporary spot on the team.

FormaL hinted that he was still interested in competing and it’s now official as OpTic Gaming has moved him from a content creator to a starting member on their HCS lineup.


OpTic Gaming welcome FormaL to Halo roster

In a surprise announcement, OpTic Gaming revealed that FormaL will be replacing Pistola on their Halo roster. This comes a week after the team finished second at HCS Anaheim, only falling to Cloud9 at the event.

Cloud9 has seemingly dominated the year thus far, taking the first two LAN events. On top of that, they also won all four online pro-series events that led up to Anaheim.

It seems that OpTic felt like a move was necessary to be able to take down C9 so they went with someone that was already in their org. In a Tweet, FormaL said that he’s ready to work and wants to bring more championships to the Greenwall.


The team will make their LAN debut at the end of April at HCS Kansas City, but in the meantime, they will be competing online for circuit points in pro-series events.

Here is out the full lineup looks now:

OpTic Halo Roster

  • Bradley ‘aPg’ Laws
  • Tommy ‘Lucid’ Wilson
  • Joey ‘Trippy’ Taylor
  • Matthew ‘FormaL’ Piper