How to play Gotham Knights co-op mode

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You don’t have to save Gotham from the Court of Owls alone. Here’s how you can play the entirety of Gotham Knights in co-op mode with your friends.

With Batman out of the picture, Gotham City has been left open to an extremely deadly takeover. Tell your loved one you’ll be home late tonight, as it’s time to team up to save the city.

Gotham Knights is finally here and boasts an essential Batman story for newcomers and hardcore DC fans alike. Setting itself apart from the Arkham franchise, players can explore the game together in co-op.

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So whether you’re a Batgirl fanatic or a Robin enthusiast, here’s how you can play Gotham Knights’ co-op mode. There are some spoilers here for the first hour or so of the game.

Can you play Gotham Knights in co-op?

Yes, you can play almost all of Gotham Knight’s missions with an ally. To unlock co-op mode, though, you’ll need to progress through a few initial quests that set up the main story.

gotham knightsWB Games Montréal
Playing Gotham Knights in co-op is blast for Batman fans.

Specifically, once you’ve investigated Dr. Langstrom’s corpse at the GCPD morgue, you’ll be able to call upon your friends when you return to the Belfry.

How to play with friends on Gotham Knights co-op mode

Once you’ve unlocked the game’s co-op options, you can play co-op by using the following steps:

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  • Head to the ‘Social’ tab on the pause menu
  • Click ‘Social’ and find your ally in ‘Friends’ or ‘Recent’
  • Send them an invite to your session

Your chosen friend will soon appear in your game. The best part of playing co-op is that you can solve each other’s premeditated crimes, random events, and side quests – netting each of you a sizeable chunk of XP in the process. Don’t worry if you’re a lower level either, as the game will automatically scale enemies to match your combined power.

Don’t forget to tweak your settings too, if you’d prefer to keep your experience between friends. Tapping the left direction button will reveal the ability to toggle between ‘Public’, ‘Friends only’, or ‘Friends-of-friends’.

And there you have it – now you’re ready to save Gotham together. Be sure to check out our other guides as you take on Batman’s legacy.

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