Gotham Knights ending explained

an image of the bat family in gotham knightsWarner Brother Montréal

What happens at the end of Gotham Knights? The latest Batman game is full of shocking twists, as the Bat-Family brings justice to the streets of Gotham. If you want to recap or find out how it concludes, we’ve got you covered.

Put on your eye makeup and don your cowl, Gotham Knights has arrived. The open-world Batman tale comes from Arkham Origins developers, WB Games Montréal.

This time around the story takes place outside the Arkham universe, as Gotham Knights establishes a new canon where plenty has changed.

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How will our heroes save Gotham its strongest enemy yet? Here’s what you need to know about the ending of Gotham Knights.

Needless to say, spoilers ahead…

What happens in Gotham Knights? Plot explained

Following the demise of Batman at the hands of Ra’s al Ghul, the Bat-Family has been working tirelessly to uncover the mysterious Court of Owls. Having played a hand in orchestrating heinous crimes for centuries, the Court had managed to evade Batman’s detection.

Alongside their investigation, Talia al Ghul returns to Gotham, initially striking up an allegiance with the team. Naturally, her intentions are put into question. There are other villains to deal with, like Harley Quinn and Mr Freeze, but their plans are set aside for their respective mission chains.

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an image harley quinn in gotham knightsHarley’s role in the mystery is an intriguing puzzle to unravel.

Our heroes scour Gotham’s criminal underworld to unveil their leader, though the answer is a hard pill to swallow. It is revealed that Jacob Kane, former USSOCOM soldier and Kane Industries CEO, had been masterminding the Court’s dealings.

Kane was an ally to Bruce through their work with Wayne Industries. The team’s effort to foil Kane’s plans was nothing more than a setup, as Talia uses their efforts to battle the weakened Court. Talia has been conducting experiments with extracts of Lazarus Pit water, in a bid to strengthen the Leagues soldiers. But an army needs an intimidating General to lead it.

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What happens at the end of Gotham Knights? Ending explained

Shortly after searching Talia’s research lab within the remains of Arkham Asylum, the heroes track her whereabouts to the depths beneath Gotham’s dam. The league have been excavating endlessly, as we learn that the fallen Batcave has now become their base of operations. Vast tunnels continue to plunge below, leading to a sealed-off chamber where Talia has constructed several Lazarus Pits.

The shadow of the bat remains. Bruce’s body was recovered by Talia and placed into the pit. His mind has become warped at the cost of resurrection. Now, the player must use all their training to defeat their former mentor.

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bruce wayne and talia al ghul in gotham knightsWarner Brother Montréal
Bruce emerges from the Lazarus Pit underneath the Batcave.

Bruce manages to regain consciousness for a brief touching moment, but Batman’s final hurrah is cut short as Talia stabs him through the back. As he crawls out of view, Talia challenges the player to a supremely challenging battle to the death.

gotham knights endingWarner Brother Montréal
Talia challenges you to a duel, though it might be your last.

Once you gain the upper hand, the Court appears from the shadows with a new, unidentified leader. With Talia seemingly defeated, the Court of Owls is eager to seize the Lazarus Pits for themselves. Talia vows to purge Gotham no matter the cost. Suddenly, the rumblings of the Bat-Wing are heard as Bruce uses his last ounce of strength to decimate Talia’s forces.

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nightwing in gotham knights endingWarner Bros
Each hero has their own Knighthood cutscene.

Talia disappears into the mist. Now that a large section of her army has been thwarted, the player sends a message to the people of Gotham. Assuring them that they’ll stop at nothing to uphold Batman’s legacy, the Court of Owls and a fractured League remain at large. For now.

So there you have it – the ending of Gotham Knights. As you continue to roam the streets, check out our guides to become the strongest Knight possible.

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