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SlikeR banned from NoPixel GTA RP permanently for “harassing” female players

Published: 14/Feb/2021 11:46 Updated: 14/Feb/2021 11:51

by Luke Edwards


Twitch partner SlikeR has been banned from the GTA RP NoPixel server after being accused of harassment towards female roleplayers.

The GTA RP server, like many trending games on Twitch, has not been played out without drama.

The NoPixel server is known for being one of the most detailed GTA roleplay servers out there, with the 3.0 update adding many new features to the game. However, the server is also known for its strict rule enforcement, with streamer Greekgodx picking up a temporary ban from the server for harassing female players.

SlikeR, a variety streamer, is the latest casualty of the ban hammer after he too was accused of harassing other roleplayers. He was also criticized for comments made about the LGBT community.


SlikeR banned from the NoPixel server

NoPixel owner Koil addressed the reasons for the ban live on his own stream.

“It’s not about saying a woman’s sexy or hitting on women in the game. The problem is that every single low-effort roleplayer comes in here and does that,” he said.

“Then what you have is a woman who will walk down the street as a character and get yelled at 20 times in 10 minutes. It’s shit RP and it’s f***ing valueless.”

SlikeR addressed the situation in a twitlonger, and accepted responsibility for his actions. “I’m sorry to the server mods and to the community for how I acted,” he said.


“When I saw the ban I was angry that anyone would ban me and assume I’m a harasser – because I would never want to make a woman feel uncomfortable.

“But looking back at everything, I know I overreacted and see how my behavior in-game has shown the opposite. I’m sorry for what I did and said afterwards.”

Sliker in Team Liquid gear
SlikeR joined Team Liquid in June 2020.

SlikeR also apologized for comments made about the LGBT community.

“I’m also sorry about what I said on stream later, when I was blaming ‘LGBTQs’ for the ban,” he added.

“That community has nothing to do with what happened and I mean nothing bad towards them at all. I meant to say ‘SJWs’ and I completely misspoke.”


xQc & more react to SlikeR GTARP ban

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel chimed in with a hilarious take. As the villain of the OfflineTV Rust server, he was glad not to be the center of attention for a change.

“Who would have thought we’d have seen the day where people get into trouble on RP and it’s not me,” he said.

“It’s not me f***ing everything over. Wow. What a ride it has been.”

Cow Chop founder and YouTuber Aleks ‘ImmortalHD’ Tchernev-Marchant also criticized SlikeR.

“Pertaining to some of RP drama on the server recently: if you say “that’s just how my character is” in order to justify rule breaks, then you’ve already lost the argument,” he said.


With two high-profile cases of controversy in the span of two days, don’t be surprised if you see more drama in the NoPixel GTA RP server in the coming days and weeks.