Summit1g explains why Greek’s GTA RP ban could change NoPixel server forever

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Greek Twitter / Rockstar / Summit Twitch

Greekgodx was kicked from the ‘NoPixel’ GTA Role Play server for repeatedly harassing female players, a decision that summit thinks can lead to bigger implications for the popular RP world.

People have to apply to be a part of the NoPixel server – it has a set of rules and guidelines that players agree to abide by to avoid any hiccups in the world-building of the NoPixel server and let everyone play how they want.

Greek has been known to say inappropriate comments to characters in NoPixel, his latest one involved calling someone “thick,” and a mod was done tolerating any more offenses: “When 2 women tell you to knock it off. Knock it the fuck off. Take time in the queue to think.”

Though the decision had been made to kick the Twitch star from the session, summit thinks that the action could lead to more implications for the overall NoPixel world.

“[GTA players] do all sorts of crazy things on NoPixel,” summit said of the situation. “So if there’s going to be a rule like you can’t offend somebody on NoPixel, then that shit’s gonna be a lot different around the world of NoPixel.”

At the time, all summit knew was that Greek called someone ‘thick’ and thought the momentary ban was in direct response to that. However, others were quick to collect videos and instances that showed Greek repeatedly giving unwelcome comments toward female RPers.

While that’s what ultimately got him suspended, summit knows that the NoPixel server could undergo major changes if this is the server’s standard moving forward.


“In the world of NoPixel, there really doesn’t seem to be too many guidelines when it comes to interaction with each other,” summit said of the GTA RP world. “So you should probably draw that line now or don’t draw it at all with someone like Greek.”

NoPixel has been one of the leading servers that’s keeping GTA Online incredibly popular and the larger it gets, it could implement a more solid ruleset if players keep getting rowdy.

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