How to skip long drives in GTA Online & GTA 5 missions

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Delivering GTA Online Auto Shop vehicles to their clients can lead to long, boring trips across the map, but there’s a much quicker way to avoid cross-country drives.

GTA 5 players have long dreaded taking the liver custom cars to their owners. With NPCs taking a bit off the top from any dinks or damage, it’s not always fun to take on the delivery – especially when it’s so far out of the way.

Problems only start to mount from there you’re trying to avoid other players in the lobby, along with any trolls that might be afoot.

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That’s why people are going to want to cut down those long drives, and learning how to skip those trips for the GTA Online missions will be key.

Skip long drives in GTA Online missions

Once you get called to deliver a vehicle to a client, simply destroy the vehicle to essential re-roll where the objective marker is going to spawn.

Reddit user ‘Cold-Wish-7097’ gave the community their next favorite ‘work smarter, not harder’ tip, after seeing how far the drive was from the auto shop to the client.


The map showed them going up and around the mountain range to the backside of the entire map.

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That, of course, is a pretty long trip, so Cold-Wish was happy to cut their drive in half.

gta online delivery mission drive skip

They got out of the client’s car, took out their RPG, and put a missile right through the vehicle’s hood. With their $20k payment up in flames, the player stepped back into the Auto Shop where the same delivery vehicle was polished and waiting for them.

Once they signed up to deliver the car again, the game gave them a different set of coordinates much closer to the shop.

Since the $20k payment was still intact, this could be a harm-free method to skip the long drives during some GTA Online missions.

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