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How to play first person in GTA Online and best settings

Published: 28/May/2020 14:42

by Daniel Cleary


GTA Online’s first person mode can come with some advantages over the usual third person view. Here’s everything you’ll need to know to make the most out of your first-person experience.

While fans of the Grand Theft Auto series will likely be accustomed to playing with the default third person mode, Rockstar released a new feature in GTA V, for the first time ever allowing players to take in the view Los Santos through a first person lense.

Whether you are looking to gain advantages over opponents or just to experience GTA Online through a different perspective, first person mode can provide some unique advantages that may surprise you.


Rockstar Games
First Person mode can provide GTA players with a fresh experience in Los Santos.

Being in first person can significantly alter your gameplay experience as the controls will feel much more like a traditional FPS title, such as Call of Duty, rather than the usual look of a GTA game.

Rockstar has also added some features to the new first person mode, which can allow you to customize the settings to your liking and potentially give you the edge in gunfights over those stuck with the 3rd person view.

Rockstar Games
GTA Online players can select their default camera mode for vehicles and on-foot.

How to change First Person settings in GTA Online

While switching to first person mode in-game can be fairly simple, there are many settings you can change that can massively improve your experience with the new field of vision.


You can follow these steps to get the most out of GTA Online’s first person mode.

  1. Go to the ‘Controls’ tab in your settings and cycle to your ‘on-foot’ controls.
  2. Select the Standard controls for First Person Control Type for traditional FPS controls in GTA Online.
  3. Lower First Person Aim/Look Deadzone for aim input to be registered quicker and more responsive.
  4. Turn up your Aim Acceleration to the max for faster turn speeds in GTA.
  5. Turn off First Person Auto Level Camera, to stop your camera from recentering when dealing with opponents who are above or below you.
  6. Turn on “allow independent camera modes” in your Display settings if you want to keep the third person view when in vehicles.
  7. Once you have chosen your settings, return to the game and press the ‘back,’ ‘select’, or the ‘V’ key, depending on your platform, to cycle through your alternate views until you reach the first-person mode.

While it is not required for a better experience, one other setting that many players find to be useful is the ‘First Person Field of View’ slider, which can give you a wider range of vision when turned up to the max setting.

First person mode will require you to be a bit more cautious when checking corners in a hostile environment, as some of the traditional camera angles that can spot hidden enemies will not be available.

It is worth noting that after you switch to first person with these settings, it will likely take a short adjustment period before being comfortable enough to take on some heists or gunfights.