GTA Online Taxi business: How to make money, new cars, more

Yellow and blue taxi in GTA Online parked upRockstar Games

GTA Online’s taxi service is now live so that players can use it to make money for themselves. Here’s what you need to know.

With the calendar turning over to December, plenty of GTA Online players were setting themselves up for the annual winter update – the final big bit of content before snow descends on Los Santos. 

Well, Rockstar delivered with the Los Santos Drug Wars update, which has brought about the First Dose jobs as you team up with Dax, Ron, and other members of The Troupe to try and become the Walter White of GTA Online. 

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As with any big update, it’s not just new jobs that are the focus for players. There’s always a whole host of new cars, clothes, and other things to get your hands on. Now that the calendar has switched to 2023, the Tax Driver job is now live.

Can you do Taxi jobs in GTA Online yet?

That’s right when the Los Santos Drug Wars update was announced, leakers found that Rockstar was planning to roll out a new activity in the form of being a Taxi Driver. 

Players would be able to pick up fares, ferry them around Los Santos, and make some money for their time and effort. According to TezFun, your reward will keep ticking over for taking consecutive jobs. 

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The activity is live as of January 19th, meaning players can now make the rounds as a cab driver.

Taxi price in GTA Online

As with any cab job, it never hurts to own your own car, rather than borrow someone else’s.

Well, the taxi is available to purchase from Warstock for $650,000. This drops to $487,000 with the trade price, but to unlock that you’ve got to complete 10 fares in a row. GTA+ members can get the Taxi for free, however.

There are additional cars coming via the drip-feed process that have taxi liveries, but the prices of those are unknown as of now.

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Where is Downtown Cab Co in GTA Online?

In terms of how you’ll be able to access the activity, that will likely happen at the Downtown Cab Company location in East Vinewood. 

Right now, it’s home to an Arm Wrestling activity but you’ll typically find a few cabs in the parking lot that you can steal. It would make sense for Rockstar to make this a hub for the job, especially as it’s actually purchasable as a garage. 

Rockstar Games
Here’s where the Downtown Cab Co is located in GTA Online.

So, yes, you can finally drive around Los Santos and roleplay as Roman Bellic’s cab drivers.

If anything changes with the new jobs, we’ll update this page as more information becomes available, so keep checking back for more.

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