Hilarious GTA Online glitches are sending cars flying through the sky

Connor Bennett. Last updated: Aug 09, 2020
GTA Online cars flying
Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto Online players have been suffering from a number of interesting physics glitches – with some sending cars flying through the air in a hilarious manner.

Even though, for the most part, the cars in GTA V stick to the road, there are a few that you can get your hands on that have the ability to flying through the skies. Everyone knows about the MKII Oppressor and how fun, as well as annoying, that can be to use and fight against.

However, sometimes, other cars take to the skies unexpectedly thanks to a few different issues.

These unusual bugs have been rearing their heads again as players have been sent soaring after small, innocuous bumps with other cars. 

Rockstar Games
The Oppressor is the only GTA Online vehicle usually seen in the sky.

The most hilarious of these come from Redditors Krayler_and MattSaturn, with the former seeing their police car go soaring after barely tapping into a parked car.

With moves that wouldn’t look out of place in Olympic figure skating, the Redditor’s car was sent spinning for a few moments before finding themselves back down on solid ground. 

As for MattSaturn, their hilarious highlight came as a result of trying to destroy a helpless NPC. Using the Sasquatch vehicle, the Redditor shot off a rocket and blew up the car. However, just moments later, they’re looking towards the clouds as their powerful started spinning around up high. 

On top of those hilarious issues, SkyRaider44 had a problem with their MKII Oppressor while trying to complete a job in GTA Online

Instead of being sent into the skies, though, the hovercycle came crashing to the ground as it appeared as if an NPC had just reached up and pulled them down. It looks quite strange to say the least.

Obviously, the physics can play havoc at times in GTA V, but they don’t usually work like the clips show. 

Whether or not its something that Rockstar have to address in the future is unknown, but, for now, be careful when crashing into anyone.