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GTA Online update: Issi Classic, 3x cash rewards, huge discounts, more

Published: 28/May/2020 14:47

by David Purcell


Rockstar Games have reigned it in a bit with the latest GTA Online update, with not as many free gifts as usual, but that doesn’t mean to say there’s not loads of new content to unpack. Let’s take a look through the patch notes. 

The latest content update adds a whole set of new stuff to look through, including some discounts that might tempt players into spending a bit more cash in the near future.

As usual in the world of GTA V, players waiting around for official confirmation from Rockstar on what’s changed have been given their fill in the form of early leaks from Tez2. The Twitter user was on the ball, reporting exactly what had changed as soon as the game’s internal code was hit with an update, so let’s run through everything we now know.


GTA Online May 21 update: Patch notes

Issi Classic lands on GTA Casino Podium

Rockstar Games
The Issi Classic has been added to the Lucky Wheel rewards set, and Issi have slashed their prices on other cars, too.

The Issi Classic can now be won by playing the Lucky Wheel in the Diamond Casino. Everybody gets a free spin each day, and lucky players could walk away – or cruise away – in one of these old belters.

The car itself is worth around $360,000, so while it’s not excessive, getting one of these from a free spin is still a decent little grab.

Daily Objectives $1 million challenge & x3 cash

The Daily Objectives challenge of completing 10 is here to stay, it seems, with GTA Online players allowed to grab themselves a free $1 million in rewards for yet another week. There’s been a number of huge giveaways like this in recent weeks, which begs the question of why anybody would buy Shark Cards, when you can increase your Maze Bank account total by this amount every 7 days?


Aside from that, players jumping into Issi Classic Races will get x3 cash and RP rewards, with x2 cash and RP rewards in Dispatch and Lowrider missions.

Huge rewards and discounts

Rockstar Games
The Deluxo is included in the GTA Online discounts this week.

Players dropping into the game will receive a log-in bonus of a “Weeny Tee” t-shirt, which isn’t exactly worth the $500,000 some have been claiming for playing the game in recent weeks, but it’s something!

In terms of discounts, Rockstar have made a whole host of vehicles and other purchasable items available for a fraction of the price.

Here’s what you can get:

  • Issi (50% off)
  • Issi Classic (50% off)
  • Issi Sport (50% off)
  • Deluxo (40% off )
  • Nero (40% off)
  • Neo (40% off)
  • Mamba (40% off)
  • PR4 (30% off)
  • Brickade (30% off)

GTA Online Twitch Prime rewards

Remember, there’s also some pretty neat Twitch Prime rewards to claim every week as well. The latest sets can be found here in our Twitch Prime rewards guide.


It’s also worth noting that those who have linked up their Rockstar Social Club accounts with TP are also eligible to a further 10% off all items in the list above.

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