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GTA Online update: Free weapons, Itali GTO, x3 cash rewards & more

Published: 14/May/2020 13:46

by David Purcell


A ton of weapons have been made completely free of charge in a new GTA Online update, but that’s not all. There’s a lot to unpack, so let’s get right to it with the full patch notes. 

Just like other weeks, Rockstar Games have shuffled the pack with another Grand Theft Auto V content update – although it’s not like any other. There might be the usual Lucky Wheel reward refresh and cash boost rewards for specific missions, yet nobody could have predicted all handguns to be made free.

So, let’s run through what’s changed in this patch, one-by-one.

GTA Online May 14 update: What’s changed?

Handguns are now free!

Rockstar Games
All pistols in GTA are on the house for a short while.

For a limited time, those who drop into GTA Online can grab handguns for absolutely nothing. With this great news comes some sad news, too, as the alien suits are no longer free. They’re back to their usual hefty prices.

All you have to do is visit an Ammu-Nation and pick the one you want, before walking out with the loot. It’s all on the house.

Itali GTO lands on GTA Casino podium

Rockstar Games
You could soon be driving around in one of these.

The Grossi Itali GTO is worth a staggering $1,965,000 from Legendary Motorsport, but if you’re thinking about buying one you might want to wait another week.

Between May 14 and 20 the luxury motorcar will be included in the Lucky Wheel rewards.

As players will know by now, they each get one free spin of the game each day. Depending on what it lands on, you could walk away with a new t-shirt or this brand new vehicle – so let’s hope you’re one that gets a rub of the green this week.

GTA cash boosts and discounts

Rockstar Games
Missile Base Adversary mode is just one of a few that have been given boosted rewards.

Good news for players who enjoy Bunker Sell Missions, too, as they have been given x3 cash and RP rewards for this update.

Double rewards have been set for Bunker and Missile Base Adversary modes, with a 50 percent speed boost on Bunker Research. A full list of new discounts can be seen below, courtesy of Tez2:

  • Bunkers and Bunker renovations/upgrades  (40% off)
  • Entity XXR (40% off)
  • Sultan RS (40% off)
  • Emerus (30% off)
  • Nightshark (30% off)

Twitch Prime rewards

Rockstar Games
The Tula is usually one of the most expensive aircrafts around, but not for Twitch Prime members.

Twitch Prime members will also be entitled to a further 10% slash of the discounted prices, with exclusive sales on both the Mammoth Tula and Grotti Furia – 80% and 70% respectively.

More information on that and how to claim them in our helpful GTA Online Twitch Prime rewards guide.

So, there we have it! That’s everything you need to know about this week’s content update in GTA Online. For more in-game news and guides, follow us on Twitter @GTA_INTEL. 


New patent potentially confirms GTA 6 Online gameplay details

Published: 16/Jan/2021 16:22 Updated: 16/Jan/2021 16:23

by Connor Bennett


A new patent submitted by Take-Two Interactive for Rockstar Games has pointed towards GTA 6’s Online mode being a major expansion on what we’ve got now in GTA Online. 

The biggest question in gaming is, undoubtedly, when will Rockstar Games finally release GTA 6? It’s a question that nobody, not even the best Rockstar insider, really has an answer for.

There has been a whole laundry list of leaks – some about where the game will be set, who will be the main characters, and some even claiming when the game will be revealed. However, nothing has been confirmed by Rockstar Games. They’re staying tight-lipped on everything.

While fans have been digging inside GTA V and GTA Online, looking for possible teasers, others have been looking elsewhere – including the patent and trademark filings that Take-Two, the publishers for Rockstar, have been making.

GTA Vice City as GTA 6
Rockstar Games
An incredible amount of ‘leaks’ have surfaced about GTA 6, with a return to Vice City being the most popular.

The most recent of which, that players were able to uncover, seemingly refers to GTA 6’s online mode, given that there’s mention of dedicated servers rather than solely peer-to-peer connections.

Not just that, but, the patent also indicates that these would also be used for AI’s and NPCs in the world. Theoretically, that might mean that we could see a more densely populated world – more traffic on the road and NPC’s walking around, for example.

Additionally, last year, a patent was uncovered for Rockstar working on additional session merging tech. That could mean that GTA 6 Online could have massive lobbies – say in the 100s rather than just the current limits.

As Twitter user chi_colossimo, who broke down the patent, pointed out there is also mention of a mechanism to avoid car duplication glitches via session merging. 

Car duplication glitches have been a big thing in GTA Online over the years, so Rockstar could be using that technology in the current-gen. 

Though, it seems likely that if it’s successful, it would carry over into what GTA 6 Online has in store.