GTA Online ‘spectator mode’ exploit is blocking players from loading into the game

GTA Online playersRockstar Games

A GTA Online exploit is forcing players into spectator mode after they receive mass invites from random people. Rockstar is expected to address the problem soon as GTA players search for a temporary solution.

There’s been a strange trend in GTA Online that’s keeping people from actually loading into Los Santos. People are reportedly receiving invites from random usernames, which then automatically puts them into Spectator mode.

The source of these spam invites can sometimes lead to the same in-game ID, which is convincing players that a new GTA exploit had been discovered.

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It’s believed Rockstar is addressing the problems behind the scenes, seeing as players are being prompted to sign-off on a new EULA agreement after opening up GTA.

GTA Online spectator exploit

A GTA Online spectator exploit can be replicated to stop players from actually jumping into the game, even after repeated attempts.

“Currently some exploiters are going rogue and kicking people remotely,” one Reddit user said. “The way it works is by sending some request through [Rockstar’s] presence servers which causes the client to freak out and quit the current session.”

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Rockstar Support was made aware of these issues and said that the company would look into the problem that’s causing frustration among those affected.

This investigation may already be paying dividends as certain players impacted by the issue have since been able to access the game.

gta onlineRockstar Games
A GTA Online exploit is keeping players from getting into the game and sticking them in spectator mode.

Unfortunately, the issues still persist for many players. It seems as if a fix went out but is slowly getting to the full community since most are still getting locked in spectator mode.

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For people struggling with it, players have figured out a lengthy workaround for the GTA Online exploit should you desperately need it.

While Rockstar Games is aware of the problem, GTA Online players await a proper fix for the latest exploit.

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