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GTA Online players want massive overhaul to “ridiculous” economic system

Published: 12/Nov/2021 0:07

by Jaret Kappelman


GTA Online is constantly receiving updates, but players want a huge overhaul to come to the game’s “ridiculous” economy system the community thinks it suffers from. 

A big part of Grand Theft Auto is buying all the expensive cars, clothes, and houses in the game.

Players can take loads of jobs, perform heists, win races, and more to rack up and save as much cash as possible.

While there are many ways to make money in GTA Online, the community wants the entire economic system to change so it can reflect the high price tags in southern San Andreas.


GTA 5 Z-Type
Rockstar Games
Supercars can be very expensive in GTA Online and players want easier ways to buy items like this.

GTA Online players want economic system changed

In this Reddit post by NPGK, they bring up an in-game example of how overpriced some items are and how little money you earn for jobs.

GTA Economy wtf from gtaonline

They mention that you can do an extremely dangerous job that requires a ton of steps and still only earn around $10,000.

While that sounds like a decent amount of money on the surface, fancy cars and Go-Karts are not cheap in-game. Go-Karts go for around $750K and supercars can cost even more, which has fans confused.

Despite GTA being a video game that doesn’t exactly reflect realistic monetary standards, one Redditor said, “Making a Go-Kart 900,000 and an RC bandito $1.5M when there is a f**king Zentorno for the base price of $700,000 or something doesn’t make sense to me.”


Tons of people agreed that they feel the economic system is too unrealistic. Another person added, “The prices are still ridiculous. Have you seen how much that tiny Go-Kart costs?”

GTA 5 gameplay
Rockstar Games
GTA Online players think that heists and other jobs should reward them with more money.

Even though players can earn money through heists, VIP jobs, and more, players do not think they’re rewarded properly.

As such, some players have suggested changes that could work. One idea would make GTA a hardcore mode. Heists will reward you with more money, but if you die at any point, you have to start all over with nothing.

GTA Online economy
GTA Online players suggest that making the economy more realistic would require the game to take a hardcore approach.

Another player feels that the price of items should be lowered, or certain jobs should give players a boatload of money to help buy some of these things.


While Rockstar has had the same system in GTA Online for nearly a decade, it’s unlikely that it will change, but players can continue to give their feedback in hopes that the devs will listen.