GTA Online glitch makes cars into flying hazards and players are confused

Alan Bernal
Rockstar Games via Hazardous YT

GTA Online players are noticing a bizarre glitch lately that’s making the streets of Los Santos wildly unpredictable, as cars are starting to fall from the sky.

There are people that are starting to get annoyed by the latest GTAO glitch. At first, seeing NPC vehicles randomly spawn can be one of those funny moments that the game creates,

But it’s actually been happening quite a few times, to where it’s starting to affect players’ gameplay that can lead to unwanted consequences.

“Cars have been spawning in weird places for me all week. It usually completely f**ks up whatever I’m trying to accomplish,” user ‘BrianosaurisTex’ said, explaining how tasks that require you to drive can get derailed.

They were responding to a clip by ‘inkei_memez’ that showed them cruising down the boulevard when on the corner of their screen a white sedan spawned in the air.

It wasn’t just that it spawned in the sky and dropped to the ground. The vehicle appeared to be flung before it came barreling down the road.

“Has this been happening to anyone else lately??” inkei asked the GTAO community, and was reassured by a surprising amount of people who also came across the glitch.

Apparently there’s been a spike in these occurrences lately, with people asking for Rockstar to look into the problem. “The game has glitched way too many times this week. It is starting to get irritating,” another player said.

gta online flying cars
Rockstar Games
Usually players are accustomed to seeing flying cars in GTA Online, but not like this.

The same is also happening with cars appearing on the road driving sideways, so GTAO players are keeping an attentive eye in all directions.

Some people say that these occurrences happen far less in invite-only lobbies whereas it appears more often in public lobbies.

The GTAO community wants Rockstar to address the glitch, but there’s no word yet from the developers on when a patch could come through.