GTA 5 NPCs have started stealing planes from players

gta 5 planeRockstar Games

GTA 5 griefers are usually the most annoying part of the game, but it looks like NPCs have started to stake their claim for that title as well. They’ve literally started ripping players out of planes. 

Non-playable characters have a rough old time in Los Santos and its wider GTA V regions, that’s for sure.

They’re accustomed to pretty much every single crazy scenario you can think of. From being hit by a car, having their vehicle stolen, to entire streets being overrun by tanks and fighter jets, they have seen it all.

Though, this year, it looks like they are starting to fight back.

GTA 5 NPCs are stealing planes

GTA V airportRockstar Games
Watch out next time you land at the GTA Online airport. NPCs might steal your ride.

On August 20, a hilarious clip emerged from the game’s online community, rising up the GTA Online subreddit.

The post, which has racked up thousands of upvotes, is quite shocking as well. Considering how easy NPCs usually are to fend off, the clip shows one of the more feisty customers – ragging the player out of their airplane.

To make matters worse, suddenly they fire up the engines and take off into the sky.

There’s no context to the clip, unfortunately, so we have no idea what made the NPC snap in this way. One user joked: “Dang, now NPC’s are doing Cayo heists? That last update is lit.”

With the in-game prompt almost trolling the player by asking them to “Enter the Velum,” they’ll have a tough job trying to figure that one out for this Cayo Perico setup mission.

The plane was speeding away into the distance by the time he gets up, which means there’s a big lesson for all of us to learn here: Don’t underestimate a GTA 5 NPC.

You just have no idea what they’re capable of.