GTA Online Cops & Crooks event coming soon? Release date, leaks, more

Rockstar Games

The next Grand Theft Auto Online event is reportedly on the way and will be centered around a Cops and Crooks game mode that could be coming sooner than you think.

As the gaming world holds its breath for any official development on GTA VI, Rockstar Games are still delivering massive content drops to keep the GTA Online community stacked with in-game events to explore.

While there hasn’t been much news from the developers, a new leak claiming insider knowledge of Rockstar’s projects says the next in-game event for the online multiplayer adventure game is set to come in the early months of summer.

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GTA Online: Cops ‘n’ Crooks leak

Rockstar Games
The next GTA Online update is rumored to center around Cops ‘n’ Crooks.

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The popular game mode that splits the server into two factions is reportedly on its way according to leaker ‘LoremIpsumLoremIpsu,’ who reiterated what other insiders, ‘Yan2295’ and ‘Tezfun,’ hinted at before.

While an update like this has long been rumored to come to GTA Online, nothing much has materialized for the community to latch on to.

Though the leak isn’t as extensive as some would hope for, the user did say that this wouldn’t be a traditional Cops ‘n’ Crooks edition since there’s going to be “a little twist to” the game mode.

Is there a release date for Cops ‘n’ Crooks?

Rockstar Games
GTA’s next major update could be during a familiar time in the summer.

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Since the middle of 2019, there’s been speculation that a mode like this would be coming to GTA Online. Previous dates and mockup designs teased a December 2019 launch and even one for March 2020.

The new leaks now suggest that the next update, whether it’s Cops ‘n’ Crooks themed or not, will be coming to the GTA community around June or July 2020.

This would directly coincide with big summer updates that the community has received the past two years. Based on the dates for previous July drops, it’s clear that Rockstar likes to push content updates on the third Tuesday of the month.

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Rockstar Games
The leak says there’s going to be a “twist” with the upcoming GTA Online event update.

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That would put the presumed Cops ‘n’ Crooks patch on course for a July 21 launch, as part of the major summer update.

Of course, all of this is speculation, but if these leaks pan out to be true, expect Rockstar to give more details on GTA Online’s next update in the coming weeks.