GTA Online community reveals how Rockstar could make game even better

André González Rodríguez
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GTA Online has a plethora of things to do, but that won’t stop fans from wanting more as the community has decided to take matters into its own hands, giving Rockstar suggestions as to how the game could be even better.

It’s not the first time the GTA Online community has suggested other content ideas for their beloved game, but sometimes taking the saying “the more the merrier” can really ring true.

From heists to vehicle collecting to races, the game has plenty of content for players to go and enjoy. All content that once completed, players repeat over and over.

But sometimes that’s not enough, as, for a community like the GTA Online community who’s been holding strong for almost 10 years, they’ll always ask for more reasons to keep enjoying it.

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The GTA Online community is some of the strongest in video games.

GTA Online community gives Rockstar suggestions on how to improve the game

In a discussion first started by Mostifnotall on the GTA Online subreddit, the Redditor proposed a simple question, “what would you like to see added in GTA v online?” This question sparked a ton of interest in the comments in which all threw in their suggestions into the online hat.

At first, Mostifnotall gave several ideas that Rockstar should maybe implement. They were all creative and different in their own ways. First, they suggested skateboarding as they found it “ludicrous that some type of skateboarding activity hasn’t been implemented in the game,” stating that a game based in Los Angeles like GTA V would be the perfect place for it.

They also mentioned the possibility of a shopping mall taking Los Angeles into account once again, that a mall could liven up the city, a change of pace that just isn’t “big, ugly and empty buildings.”

The discussion ended up bringing in several ideas from other fans on the Reddit post. Some were ranging in the practical side of it, such as a do not disturb function on your phone, saying that “Tom Conners is so annoying that he’s about as popular as a fart in a spacesuit.”

While others gave more content-related ideas such as a “movie studio expansion with Michael” or more heists in general, one that would task players with a “mission to rescue English Dave from Cayo.”

GTA Online fans are some of the more diehard fans of any video game there is, with its release in 2013, players are always wanting to add more. Only time will tell if Rockstar will heed their calls.