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Clever GTA Online VIP Work trick makes cargo missions ridiculously easy

Published: 5/May/2020 13:44

by Connor Bennett


A clever GTA Online tactic with VIP Work is making it ridiculously easy for players to complete Cargo jobs and even evade some pesky griefers.

While there a tonne of ways to make money in GTA Online, the most dedicated of players can be found grinding jobs like Import/Export, Cargo, and VIP Work. However, while doing these jobs in a public lobby, you are a prime target for griefers.

Players have uncovered ways to combat these problems, however, with one tactic with the Mobile Operations Centre making Import/Export mission an absolute breeze. In a similar vein, one player has uncovered a clever way to disguise players hauling cargo around the map – giving them time to reach their end goal.


GTA Online
GTA Online
VIP/CEO Work is key in GTA Online.

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The tip was brought forward by Reddit user soupa-hot-fire, who noted that after someone starts a VIP Work job, all the cargo in the area of that job will disappear off the map. 

By simply letting the timer run on the VIP Work, and not completing the selected job, players who are hauling cargo will not show up on the map as a cargo blip. This means that, yes, their location will still be visible, but any griefer who wants to ruin their day and blow up the cargo, won’t know that they’re running cargo. 


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Obviously, with this being slightly location-based, you’d need to start the VIP Work in selected locations for the best results. Soupa-hot-fire noted that Haulage will work for everyone in the session but something like Headhunter should be started as closed to the middle as possible.

While plenty of players will probably take this tip with them into their public sessions, griefers probably won’t be the biggest fans of it being common knowledge. 

Though, if Rockstar figures that the tactic is too powerful – or more like an exploit – then they may have to step in and patch. We’ll just have to wait and see.