6 GTA mysteries that were never solved

by David Purcell
Graphics: Rockstar Games


Rockstar Games update their games constantly with new content, but there are still a boat load of mysteries that Grand Theft Auto players have discovered and have never been given answers for. 

Whether you like to dig deep into theories, easter eggs and discoveries in video games or not, there's no denying that developers keep a chunk of their community happy by planting seeds.

These may never lead to anything particularly exciting, although there's always a chance that they may develop into something much more interesting later down the line. After seeing them, we're sure you will agree too.

Lester looks like the type of character that would be interested in GTA mysteries, conspiracy theories and easter eggs.


Some mysteries have been talked about in the GTA series for quite some time, with several clues found laying around in the various maps that have been released by Rockstar.

It's difficult to say if all easter eggs that developers have put into the game have been spotted by the majority of the community, but the game's player base does a good job of reading into happenings across different cities that have featured over the years.

Mystery clues are not all easy to find, especially when you consider the several layers of snow that may be covering them, not to mention solid ice, and some have even been hidden away in the depths of the sea – left in ruins, still unknown to many players. Some, though, have come across interesting finds that many more people deserve to see.


GTA mysteries that haven't been solved


Jimfredferreras, GTA Myths Wiki
Players have been reporting Bigfoot sightings in Grand Theft Auto since the third game.

There doesn't get much bigger than this myth, literally, and it's been one of the most longest-standing the GTA series has seen. Has Bigfoot ever walked around in Grand Theft Auto?

As we all know, the idea of Bigfoot being a real thing in our world is one myth busters have been trying to find out for decades, with alleged sightings documented in numerous locations. The same can be said for Rockstar's game, too, as the rumors of seeing this huge beast in-game have been lingering around since the days of GTA 3.

Some say it hid away in the mountains, while others claim it actually revealed itself and attacked players, but the evidence was slim. In San Andreas, though, some players claim to have spotted the dangerous beast.

GTA Myths / Rockstar Games
Rockstar Games' VP Dan Houser confirmed Bigfoot was in an unreleased beta of San Andreas, but most screenshots online are from mods.


Popular sighting locations were Mount Chiliad Natural Arch, the Shady Cabin area, and Back O' Beyond on the map. Unfortunately, though, its existence has never been confirmed by devs.

The idea of having such an unknown phenomenon potentially pacing its way around the same map as players, offline or online, might give some the creeps – or the urge to make the discovery for themselves.

Black Cellphones

Rockstar Games
If you're going to try dialing a number in GTA Online, maybe the highway isn't the best place to stop off.


There are tons of different numbers for GTA 5 players to call in the game's online mode, whether that be dialing Lester's number for assistance or being called by characters in order to set up jobs.

However, there is one number – above all else – that has a really random reaction when dialed and there's no real explanation at the time of writing. It was actually found by Twitter user @KarmaIngram1, who has since had their account suspended, and is believed to have been found in the game files. Perhaps, we weren't supposed to know about this one.

Easter eggs of all different varieties have been added to GTA Online over the years, after being first released in 2013, although this phone call mystery might be the most off of the lot. After all, there's no real reason behind what happens. Once the number is called, 1-999-367-3767, it connects the player to "Black Cellphones" before detonating an explosive (believed to be an EMP) in the air nearby – with members of the community also claiming other numbers also have similar outcomes too.

There's been zero clarification as to why this happens and the wait for those answers goes on.

Alien teasers

JunkieMonkeys, Reddit
Concrete evidence of their existence has been discovered in the GTA world, but will we ever get an invasion?

Now, that's a perfect segue into our next major mystery, which has existed for years in Grand Theft Auto – the presence of aliens. We've broken this one into two sections, including the teasers at first, and something much more interesting discovered at sea afterward. Wait until you see this...

While there has never actually been a physical alien invasion in GTA Online, there have been multiple hints that all tie in with the potential eventuality, and some even linking the EMP phone calls to the mystery. Although, there's much more solid evidence than that to go off.

This all started out in the original Grand Theft Auto, where a man during the 'Heist Almighty - Penetrator' mission claims to have obtained secret information on the presence of extraterrestrials after invading an army base. In 2019, there was a viral movement including millions of people signing up to invade Area 51 to find aliens, but clearly Rockstar's original title was way ahead of its time with this one.

Rockstar Games
GTA 5 has been littered with alien teasers since its release, but a living specimen has never been found,

From there, we've seen pedestrians mentioning aliens in offhand comments on the streets in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, along with religious cult 'The Epsilon Program' claiming to be aware of their existence in the game, too.

Since that time, though, back when this mystery was merely words and not much evidence to draw from, they finally revealed themselves in a GTA 5 easter egg, covered in ice.

UFO discovery

This isn't the only clue to have teased an alien invasion in the game, either. Drawings at Sandy Shores, magazines found in-game and also posters stuck up all around the huge map signaled that something big is on the horizon. Not to mention the huge UFO that many players have discovered in-game as well, despite Rockstar never commenting on its addition.

Video footage of the UFO, posted to YouTube by GameNewsOfficial, can be found below.  It is underwater and not far from shore, at the north end of the map.

As of yet, though, mankind has been able to live freely – with many believing something supernatural is out there, watching down on them, dropping clues.

For all we know, Rockstar have been lining this up for years to transition from one game to another. On the other hand, it could have all very well been just in Michael's head.


GTA Myths Fandom, Sasquatch101
The Titantic ship sank back in 1912, after hitting an iceberg during a voyage between Southampton to New York.

Speaking of finding interesting stuff in the ocean, as many players will know by now, there have been some interesting findings in the depths.

While sinking ships might be part and parcel of the online experience in 2020 and recent years, a plethora of unknown shipwrecks have been discovered since GTA was first released – including what was dubbed "The Titantic" back in San Andreas.

Of course, some GTA games players were prevented from swimming, with players being Wasted after landing in water , so it's not something that's been possible to find in each title.

GTA Fandom
Did you ever spot submarines in GTA: Vice City?

That said, it's not just the RMS Titanic and a UFO that players claim to have found in GTA, with planes having been found wasting away in the ocean as well (in GTA V). Some even found submarines in Vice City, either in the water or at a wreck at Vice City Junkyard, Little Haiti.

Many of these vessels and other wreckages have little meaning and have yet to be explained by Rockstar. For all we know, future games or updates could allude to their existence so it's good to be aware of them in-game.

Cement boots

DarkMythHunter, YouTube
Putting cement boots on another person is a body disposal method used historically by the Mafia and gangs.

Finally, the last one on our list has clear connotations of gang crime and murder, but the identities of men and women seen wearing cement boots at the bottom of the sea in GTA games are something of a mystery. The one above is from GTA: Vice City..

There are some phenomenal characters included in the Vice City story mode, with missions featuring the likes of Tommy Vercetti, Ricardo Diaz, Ken Rosenberg, and many more, but there's a possibility that one of them was responsible for the death of the cement boot-wearing figures in the water – one found off the shore at Leaf Links, as well as others at Washington Beach and Little Havana.

Ken Rosenberg drops a major hint about who could have been using the cement boot tactics in Vice City.

Clearly, these are planted in the game to scare characters about suffering the same fate, and Rosenberg – at one stage – even hints at who did it to these people, the Farelli Family.

The Farelli's were prominent in the game, an Italian-American family known for their illegal activities in Vice City but also Liberty City Stories as well, and even more unidentified victims been found since. A woman was found deep into the world of GTA 5 as well.

Rockstar Games
GTA 5 players are asked to find a woman's body in the ocean during a mission. All we know about the character is that she had valuable information.

Having been killed off, there's never been any explanation or backstory given for these characters, so – just like everything else in this list – we have all been left waiting for answers. Who killed them? Why did they die?

Missions could have been very different with them in the fold, but there's a chance we'll never know why such easter eggs were planted in the series.