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Genshin Impact

Awesome Genshin Impact concept could make mono elemental teams more powerful

Published: 17/Jan/2022 5:05 Updated: 17/Jan/2022 5:10

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


A Genshin Impact player who also happens to be a game designer has come up with a neat concept to make mono elemental teams more viable, and the community seems open to it.

If you want to have an optimal party in Genshin Impact, you’ll need a specific combination of characters with different elements. This is because they’ll benefit from Elemental Resonance, which provides bonuses to the whole party.

The way it works is simple. In order to get a specific Elemental Resonance bonus, you’ll need at least two characters who use that element. Naturally, that means you can only have two different bonuses in a party of four.


It also means that mono elemental teams – that is, a party with four characters who use the same element, will always be less powerful because they only get one bonus. However, this player’s neat concept could change all that.

Klee running in Genshin Impact
Klee is a pyro character and therefore contributes to the Fervent Flames Elemental Resonance.

“Picking my game-designer brain about how to theoretically make mono elemental teams more interesting and engaging,” they said. “If resonance gave you increasing bonuses like this, would you try them out?”

For example, the increasing bonuses for pyro teams start off with the standard Fervent Flames Elemental Resonance. It increases ATK by 25% and makes characters less affected by Cryo by 40% when two pyro characters are at the party.


However, it also includes extra bonuses for having three and four pyro characters in the party. Damage dealt by normal attacks, charged attacks, and plunging attacks is increased by 25% with three characters, and base attack is increased by 500 with four characters.

There are similar bonuses for other Elemental Resonances, too, including Enduring Rock, Soothing Water, Shattering Ice, Impetuous Winds, and High Voltage. All in all, these would make mono elemental teams more viable.

Genshin Impact players seemed open to the idea. Some claimed that the pyro mono elemental team seems too overpowered. Others pointed out that it’s more about the concept, not the balance. That can always be tweaked later.


In the end, though, it’s some interesting food for thought and something that the developers might consider adding in the future.