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Dainsleif in Genshin Impact: Release date, abilities, banner, more

Published: 14/Jan/2022 11:41

by James Busby


Dainsleif is an unreleased character that could be coming to Genshin Impact in a future update. Here’s everything we know about his release date, banner, and abilities. 

Genshin Impact is home to plenty of colorful characters, but none are quite as mysterious as Dainsleif. While Dainsleif has made appearances in various quests, miHoYo has been keen to keep details on his abilities, banner, and release date under wraps. 

It’s because of this that the shadowy figure remains a popular talking point within the game’s community. Fortunately, we’ve rounded up everything we currently know about him. Whether you’re aiming to save your Primogems for the Dainsleif banner, or just wish to know more about his role within Genshin Impact, our handy release date hub has you covered. 



Dainsleif in a Genshin Impact quest
Dainsleif has appeared in several quests since Genshin Impact’s release.

Who is Dainsleif in Genshin Impact? 

Not much is currently known about Dainsleif as of yet, but there are rumors that he is immortal. The Genshin Impact wiki notes that he says the following line when narrating Venti’s Collected Miscellany: “A thousand years have passed since the God of Anemo left this land. But to me, it has only been half that time.” 

Dainsleif previously graced our screens all the way back in Chapter I: We Will Be Reunited. The mysterious character also made another appearance in the world quest Bough Keeper: Dainsleif. Despite making several brief appearances, there is still very little information about this unreleased character. 


As always, we’ll be updating this section as soon as we hear more details, so make sure you bookmark this page. 

Dainsleif release date in Genshin Impact

Dainsleif official artwork
Dainsleif’s release date could be quite far off.

While miHoYo has yet to reveal an official release date for Dainsleif, we do know that he will be playable. This news was announced during the Tokyo Game Show 2020 stream, which celebrated the global release of Genshin Impact. 

It’s also likely that Dainsleif will make an appearance in Genshin Impact’s final act, which will see the release of Khaenri’ah. This region is famously known for the great cataclysm, which spawned blood-thirsty monsters and led its people to form the Abyss Order. 


Celestia would eventually destroy the region in order to prevent the monstrous invasion of Teyavt, but despite this, the region is still home to a number of humans – one of these being Dainsleif. 

Because of his affiliation with Khaenri’ah and as the region is the last act of the game’s story, it’s most likely that this long-awaited character will be playable during Genshin’s final chapter. 

Dainsleif abilities in Genshin Impact

Dainsleif using his abilities
There’s certainly a lot of mystery surrounding Dainsleif’s abilities.

MiHoYo has yet to reveal any details on Dainsleif’s abilities or element, so we’ll have to wait a little longer before anything is announced. It’s interesting to note that Dainsleif doesn’t appear to have a Vision, which means he will likely channel his magical abilities from somewhere else. 


However, his official splash art does show the character having blue energy coursing through one of his arms. Quite how he’ll utilize his skills in combat remains to be seen, but as a denizen of Khaenri’ah, he’ll likely be incredibly strong. 

Dainsleif banner in Genshin Impact

It’s currently unknown which 4-stars will appear in the Dainsleif banner, but miHoYo will reveal these characters when we get closer to his official release date. We’ll update this section as soon as we hear any new information. 

So, there you have it, everything we currently know about Dainsleif in Genshin Impact.

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