Future Genshin Impact updates may feature six banners according to leak

Genshin Impact bannersHoYoverse

A Genshin Impact leak suggests future updates may include three banner phases, meaning each new version could boast six banners in total.

Genshin Impact divides its banner system in two ways – Standard and Event. The Standard Banner represents a permanent fixture, so the character lineup seldom goes into rotation.

Meanwhile, Event Banners run for a limited period of time, giving players a greater chance of accessing the featured characters they want.

As things currently stand, the RPG runs on a two-phase banner system with four Character Event Wishes, which always include a 5-Star character and three boosted 4-Star characters. The status quo could change with future Genshin Impact updates, however.

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Leak hints at significant changes to banners in Genshin Impact

A “questionable” leak shared on the Genshin Impact subreddit by user ukrisreng suggests developer HoYoverse may be working on a banner system overhaul.

Should the leaked details prove accurate, the game could start adding three-phase banners after the launch of Version 4.0. Such a change to the banner cycles would essentially open the door for six banners per major update.

Replies to the thread indicate many players believe the overhaul is necessary. “Makes sense, there are too many characters already,” one person wrote.

Someone else added that developers “have to change something and adding one more banner is [the] easiest way to keep the status quo without affecting their current monetization model.”

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And in a subsequent post, the original poster called the move a “mathematical necessity [that] doesn’t actually solve the root problem.”

Of course, some also cast doubt on the veracity of the Genshin Impact banners claim, especially since Version 4.0 is several months out from release. As always, it’s best to take any and all uncorroborated rumors and leaks with a grain of salt.