Genshin Impact stunning growth proven as Twitter’s most-discussed game in 2021

Genshin Impact is one of the most talked about games in the worldmiHoYo

Genshin Impact has quickly become a juggernaut in the gaming world and it’s only getting bigger, according to Twitter’s list of the most discussed games in 2021.

Twitter’s annual Year in Review provides insights into the world’s most tweeted games and Genshin Impact has found itself sitting atop the list in 2021.

While the game — which has drawn often comparisons to titles like Breath of The Wild and the Ni No Kuni franchise — seemed to have a built-in fanbase upon release, its rapid growth across 2021 has solidified its unique position in the online gaming space.

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Genshin Impact is Twitter’s most talked-about game in 2021

Twitter's most talked about games of the year show off an impressive array of diverse tastesTwitter
These 10 games were the year’s most popular choices on the Twitter platform.

While the exact numbers haven’t been revealed, the JRPG’s place at the top of the Twitter charts isn’t much of a surprise. Between regular updates, big-name crossovers, and a wealth of in-game events, developers miHoYo has provided players with plenty to talk about over the last year.

It held the top spot over other massively popular titles like Apex Legends and Final Fantasy XIV, the latter of which had a breakout year of its own.

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Looking back at the previous Year in Review illuminates just how much Genshin separated itself from the pack in 2021.

Twitter's most talked about games of 2020 was a similar list with Genshin Impact and Apex making appearances. Twitter
The previous year’s list was similar but both Genshin and Apex Legends made a remarkable jump.

Despite only being out for two months prior to the end of the year, the elemental-action fighter scored eighth place overall, leaving plenty of room to overtake its competition.

That’s not the only way to quantify the games’ success though. In October 2021, external data suggested that nine million players were playing Genshin Impact daily, with a total of 53 million unique users throughout the month.

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While other games have previously come and gone in just a year’s time, it seems like Genshin Impact will be sticking around for the long haul.

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