FFXIV Endwalker server queues are so bad they’ve stopped selling the game

FFXIV-Endwalker-release-delaySquare Enix

Due to ongoing server issues, Final Fantasy XIV’s sales have been suspended, days after the release of the Endwalker expansion.

After several days of server issues and an influx of new Final Fantasy XIV players, the game’s sales pages have been suspended while Square-Enix gets the situation under control. It’s believed that the popularity of the game, and the successful launch of the FFXIV Endwalker DLC is partly responsible for the server trouble.

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Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker was released on December 7, 2021, to much critical acclaim. Since the release of the expansion, FFXIV’s player base is now reportedly over 24 million users, with the servers buckling under the weight of such a high volume of new players. Square-Enix have temporarily suspended sales of the game until they can accommodate the increase in traffic.

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Moon Character TrailerSquare Enix
The release of Endwalker has caused plenty of headaches with server issues.

Who has been affected by FFXIV’s sales being suspended?

The good news is, existing players will be unaffected by Square-Enix’s decision to suspend Final Fantasy XIV’s sales, as they already own the title. However, those looking to purchase the game, its expansions, or take part in the free trial will be unable to do so until the servers return to normal.

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When will FFXIV’s servers return to normal?

Square-Enix have confirmed that while the increase in traffic has triggered the server problems, the root cause was a bug in the software that’s been present since version 1.0 of Final Fantasy XIV. The devs will be releasing an update on December 21, 2021, that will resolve the issue and allow sales of the game to resume.

Another patch will be released on January 4, 2022. This one will aim to make sure that the issue doesn’t happen again, and the servers can accommodate the increasing number of players.

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FFXIV extends free trial time

Square-Enix will also be extending the free trial by an additional 14 days to make sure those impacted by the issue can still take advantage of the free game time. Those who’ve created an active subscription before the patch is released will be able to take advantage of this, getting 21 full days of the free trial.

Of course, existing players will not be able to take part, as their free trial has already expired, as they wouldn’t have been impacted. The extension is for those who signed up to Final Fantasy XIV only to find that server issues prevented them from playing.

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