Genshin Impact devs reveal first look at Natlan region & players are hyped

Cassidy Stephenson
Genshin Impact reveals Natlan

Genshin Impact has revealed the first official look at the upcoming Natlan region, and fans are beyond excited for the safari-like area and its adorable creatures.

On May 24, 2024, Genshin Impact sneakily included a teaser for Natlan at the very end of the version 4.7 special program.

Natlan will be the sixth region available in the popular gacha title, following the release of Fontaine in August 2023. Natlan will be released alongside version 5.0 sometime in August 2024.

After the launch of the sixth area, the only region missing from the game is Snezhnaya, the seventh nation of Tevyat. Players hoped Genshin Impact would tease Natlan during the livestream, and they got just what they wanted.

Genshin Impact fans react to Natlan teaser’s captivating wildlife

The mobile game included a minute-long clip featuring Natlan’s different biomes and animals. At the time of writing, it’s unclear if players will transform into the creatures or simply be able to control them. Still, reactions surrounding the new region were incredibly positive.

X/Twitter user privenari summed up everything the 4.7 livestream provided players, including new characters, stellar animation, and the Natlan teaser.

Additionally, thejonathontv expressed how HoYoverse “opened up a whole buffet” in terms of content. They also included several notable screenshots from the livestream.

On the Reddit thread for the version 4.7 livestream, fans took to the comment section to express their excitement for everything featured.

“First of all they show us six symbols and then three of them light up, those three where the little critters we saw (guessing they are saurians) so I am guessing there are actually three more to see, and yeah that looks very pokemon like, also the planes look so interesting,” one player wrote.

“NATLAN LETSGOOO, the way the whole thing looks and how these mechanisms looks reminds me a LOT of some levels from super mario galaxy 1 & 2!! Super excited,” another person shared.