Zelda fans choose which Champion they don’t want to return in Tears of the Kingdom

Revali from The Legend of ZeldaNintendo

It’s no secret that fans of The Legend of Zelda feel strongly about the series’ characters, and they recently took to a poll to share which Champion they could go without in Tears of the Kingdom.

When it comes to a video game franchise as beloved as The Legend of Zelda, there are bound to be disagreements or discussions within the community. Some of these have to do about the games themselves, from opinions on more controversial entries to gameplay features.

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Other opinionated areas come into play when looking at characters from the series, especially those with more significant or unavoidable roles. With the May 12 release date of Tears of the Kingdom just on the horizon, fans are looking back at Breath of the Wild to consider its cast and how much of it they’d want in the sequel.

From smaller characters to the Champions who give Link crucial abilities, most players tend to agree on which of them are likable and which are straight-up annoying. In a recent online poll, Zelda fans voted on which of the Champions they would be happy to never see in-game again.

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Which Champion do Zelda fans not want in Tears of the Kingdom?

YouTuber ZackScottGames posted a poll on his channel asking Zelda players which Champion they would like to see sealed away forever. Fans quickly voted, with the vast majority coming in at 67%, to wish Revali away and out of the series for good.

The poll was then shared on Reddit, where fans explained their reasoning behind the unanimous decision. Many cited Revali’s distasteful character, calling him “conceited” and saying that it’s “tragic how the most useful ability is tied to the most annoying champion.”

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Other Zelda players disagreed with the majority vote, stating that the ability Revali gives you is the most useful, even if his dialogue can be annoying. One fan recounted that Revali’s Gale ability is the best, but “he’s still a jealous prick.”

A lot of commenters also brought up the Champion’s background so as to justify his behavior, saying that he “was the only one of the champions who had to work for his power instead of just being born with a magical ability.” Others agreed and responded that the character is host to deep-seated fears and insecurity.

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While Revali seems to be the least popular Champion, most Zelda players also agree on the one that they love the most. In this case, Mipha was the least voted for Champion on the poll, with fans commenting to call her the series’ “best girl.”

It will be interesting to see what roles familiar characters will play in Tears of the Kingdom, but until then, the Zelda community can only hope to see their favorites in action once more and continue to speculate.

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