Yu-Gi-Oh premieres Ultra Rare Goblin card in prize draw event 

Jack Bye
Yugioh goblin prize headerKonami

Goblin Biker Grand Entrance is set to bring an under-utilized archetype to new heights in Yu-Gi-Oh. 

While they may not get as much fan love and recognition as classic archetypes like Blue Eyes or Elemental HERO, Goblins have always been a staple of Yu-Gi-Oh. These mean green beasties aren’t often gathering within their archetype, but instead are mostly splashed into other decks. 

From the ultra-popular Goblindbergh to Goblin King, Yu-Gi-Oh’s Goblins have filled out the ranks of many other decks throughout the game’s history. But now, that could be about to change, as Yu-Gi-Oh is premiering a card that ties goblins closer together as an archetype than ever before. 

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Yu-Gi-Oh prize draw features a Goblin card debut 

Yugioh Phantom Nightmare booster boxKonami

As part of the premiere event for Yu-Gi-Oh’s Phantom Nightmare set on February 3rd-4th, 2024, a prize draw is being held. Entering into the draw gives players a chance to win an array of prizes, including a game mat, field centers, and Ultra Rare copies of the new card Goblin Biker Brand Entrance.  

Goblin Biker Grand Entrance stalls at the starting line 

While Goblin Biker Grand Entrance is an exciting step towards consistent Goblin decks, some fans are less excited about the card due to the timing of its reveal. Debuting in November 2023 puts a whole three months between the card’s reveal and players being able to get their hands on it. 

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While Yu-Gi-Oh has mostly avoided the issue, Magic: The Gathering has been testing players’ patience lately with its sheer volume of product releases and spoiler sneak-peaks. Persistent FOMO plagues the player base, driven predominantly by new sets and products being revealed at a near-constant rate. 

While Yu-Gi-Oh has been releasing several high-quality products for the game’s 25 anniversary, it would be a shame if the goodwill generated among players was squandered by Konami aping Wizards of the Coast’s controversial decisions.  

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Regardless of the timing of its release, Goblin Biker Grand Entrance is a useful card with several possible applications. Its goblin-searching would be a powerful enough effect alone, but searching and adding to hand, and a subsequent graveyard retrieval, makes this an excellent new addition to the game.

Yu-Gi-Oh’s 25th-anniversary celebrations may be winding down, but the quality of card releases will hopefully continue to trend upward. If Goblin Biker Grand Entrance is any indication, the game is in safe hands moving into its 26 year and beyond.  

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