XDefiant players claim Call of Duty aim assist is “too strong”

XDefiant character holding a gunUbisoft

XDefiant players are claiming that Call of Duty’s aim assist is “too strong”as CoD players find it harder to aim on XDefiant. 

As XDefiant goes through its closed beta with a upcoming release for this summer, many players and personalities have pegged it as a proper competitor to the ever popular Call of Duty. 

However just like any fast paced shooter which can be played on controllers, the question of its aim assist has raged on. Call of Duty’s debate has long raged on, with controllers largely being the only equipment being used in the Call of Duty League. 

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Many of CoD’s personalities like Scump have always felt that aim assist was a crutch for CoD players. And now that many of CoD’s players are trying out XDefiant’s beta, they seem to be finding it’s soft aim assist to hard to adjust to. 

In a clip tweeted out by ExoGhost, a showed a player missing their shots in a game of XDefiant and complaining about the aim assist on XDefiant. 

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“If they do not fix the f***ing aim assist I am not playing this game when it comes out, free or not. This aim assist is f***ing horrible you cannot kill anyone from distance on controller,” the player said, lashing out at XDefiant’s aim assist. 

However, many XDefiant players, who may be CoD fans themselves, highly disagreed with the idea that XDefiant’s aim assist was not strong enough. 

LegoUnlocked, a CoD YouTuber, said of the complaint, “Complaining that Aim Assist is not strong enough is no different than complaining [that] Skill Based Matchmaking is not strong enough.”

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And Shady, a CoD YouTuber said, People have it easy nowadays. Honestly that’s why I don’t really take aim assist or competitive seriously in COD.” 

As for whether Ubisoft will ever make XDefiant’s aim assist stronger after its beta, we will have to wait for its eventual full release. However it is undeniable that if the devs want to take the game to a more casual audience, the aim assist may need to become stronger. 

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