WWE 2k22 update 1.14: Full patch notes

. 3 weeks ago
2K Games/Visual Concepts

A brand new patch for WWE 2K22 is out now that brings a ton of bug fixes to the game. Here’s the full patch notes for update 1.14.

WWE 2K22 thankfully hasn’t been plagued by bugs like its predecessor 2K21. But, like any other live service game it has it’s share of glitches and hiccups.

On June 6, devs at Visual Concepts rolled out a new update to go along with some brand new FaZe Clan DLC. This patch takes aim at a number of bugs, which hopefully won’t be an issue anymore.

WWE 2K22 patch 1.14 addresses multiple bugs

WWE 2K22
Following update 1.14 WWE 2K players will be able to throw down even smoother.

Patch 1.14 is mainly focused on supporting the new DLC, which features in-game FaZe Clan apparel and Attitude Era wrestlers. In addition to this new content though, there are a number of bug fixes as well.

Bugs aren’t the only fixes here though, as devs have also tried to improve load times for players who have a large amount of downloaded custom content.

Tables, a favorite of any wresting fan, also saw a number of fixes as well. Crashes during table matches, and bugged interactions with these items should hopefully occur much less often now.

randy orton staring at opponent in wwe 2k22
Tables should be much less buggy following patch 1.14.

WWE 2K22 update 1.14 full patch notes


  • Added 14 free FaZe Clan-branded apparel items to Community Creations
  • Improvements to load times for players with a large collection of downloaded custom content


  • Updated moveset information and categories for existing and new DLC Superstars
  • Addressed reported concerns of crashes during table matches
  • Addressed reported concerns with table interactions
  • Updated reversals to a few moves to address reported concerns with reversal windows being too small or not appearing
  • Addressed reported concerns where the Superstar is unable to attack during a match
  • Addressed reported concerns where the reversals were putting the defender in the wrong position after the reversal
  • Addressed reported concerns regarding new DLC animations clipping or misaligned.
  • Addressed reported concerns with run-ins/breakouts for new DLC characters
  • Addressed reported concerns with managers during entrances
  • Addressed reported concerns where the AI was not utilizing Pin Combos for some moves.


  • Addressed reported concerns regarding Uploads in Community Creations.
  • Addressed reported concerns regarding Downloads in Community Creations.
  • Addressed reported concerns regarding searching by Creators in Community Creations.
  • Addressed reported concerns regarding the lobby timer with Controlled Partners.


  • Addressed reported concerns regarding attire for various Superstars
  • Addressed reported concerns regarding support for added DLC characters
  • Improved stability throughout Create Modes


  • Improved stability when using custom Superstar in Universe


  • Improved stability in MyGM
  • Addressed reported concerns regarding crashes during load


  • Addressed a reported concern where the match objective wasn’t completed after a diving attack was successful

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