WWE 2K22 DLC debuts Attitude Era superstars and FaZe Clan customization options

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WWE 2k22’s latest DLC The Stand Back Pack adds a handful a couple of Attitude Era superstars to the game alongside the release of FaZe Clan’s in-game merch.

There may be not a period more beloved by wrestling fans than WWE’s Attitude Era of the late 1990s and early 2000s.

It was a time filled with rowdy, raucous energy and produced some of the biggest stars in the history of professional wrestling and sports entertainment.

While many of the big names from back then were already on the roster, WWE 2K22’s new “Stand Back Pack” includes a few names that will ring bells for any longtime fan.

On top of that, new-school fans are also being treated with the arrival of some sweet new FaZe gear to throw on their characters.

WWE 2k22 DLC new wrestlers and FaZe customization options

Stacy Keibler in WWE 2k22
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Stacy Keibler was a WCW star before making the jump to the WWE.

The big draws in the Stand Back Pack are WWE veterans Stacy Keibler and The Hurricane.

Something of a predecessor to current women’s division standout Nikki A.S.H, The Hurricane was the superhero alter ego of Gregory Helms, who hopped ship in 2001 as part of the WCW “Invasion” storyline.

For a time the middle-card act swapped out his regular attire in favor of donning some green tights and a black mask and managed to cement himself in the heart of young fans across the world.

Stacy Keibler is better known for managing the legendary Dudley Boyz stable, but was also affiliated with The Hurricane for a while after taking on the name Super Stacy and becoming his sidekick.

A few other wrestlers join the duo, namely A-Kid and Wes Lee, both of whom have become quite popular thanks to WWE’s NXT brand

Elsewhere in this update players will be able to deck out their favorite wrestlers in a few different kinds of FaZe clan gear.

There are five options in total:

  • Logo Hoodie (Black)
  • Logo Hoodie (White)
  • Bunker Tee
  • Varsity Jacket
  • Sports Cap

The Stand Back Pack is out on June 7 and will cost $9.99 for anyone who wants to reunite with the headlining super duo and get them back into the action. It’s also included in the N.W.O. Forever version of WWE 2K22.

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