Warhammer 40K Darktide new content and Xbox port delayed

warhammer 40k darktide devs delay xbox port new contentFatshark

The developers behind Warhammer 40K Darktide released an open letter to Darktide players revealing their plans to delay new content in order to focus on improving progression and optimization.

Warhammer 40K Darktide brought the horde shooter gameplay of Vermintide into the 41st Millennium, something that longtime fans of the series were looking forward to. On top of that, its availability on Game Pass helped bring it to a massive audience.

While the core gameplay has been almost universally praised by critics and fans alike, the progression and crafting systems that hold up the moment-to-moment experience haven’t had such a warm reception. Not to mention ongoing optimization issues that have been reported by many players.

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To address these issues, the developers wrote an open letter to Darktide players that indicates their focus on improving the game. This will ultimately lead to delays for the Xbox port of the game and new content until the core game is in a better state.

Warhammer 40K Darktide gets significant delays

Warhammer 40K, like its predecessor Vermintide II, has a gameplay formula designed to have high replay value. The ability to level up characters and craft new weapons to take on greater challenges is core to the game’s identity, and critical to Fatshark’s goal of creating a game with “a level of depth that keeps you playing for weeks, not hours.”

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However, players have been demanding changes to Darktide’s progression and crafting systems since launch. Additionally, users are experiencing optimization issues including game crashes, low framerates, and disruptive visual bugs, making this game’s launch a rocky one.

An open letter was posted to the official Warhammer 40K Darktide Twitter account, one that promises players fixes to many hot-button issues with the game.

The letter starts by saying they set out to create a “highly engaging and stable game” with high replay value, followed by saying that they weren’t able to meet those expectations.

Devs will now be focusing on issues players have pointed out, including creating a better crafting system and progression loop in order to enhance the late-game experience, as well as working on optimization and game stability.

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This effort will come at the cost of delays on not only their seasonal content but also the long-awaited Xbox port.

Many Twitter users have pointed out that Vermintide II had similar issues on launch, which have since been fixed. While some fans are still disappointed in the launch state of the title, many have applauded developer Fatshark for being open about their plans for the future, suspending the addition of new paid cosmetics, and their focus on improving Darktide.