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Twitch streamer plays Fall Guys using jelly beans as controller

Published: 1/Aug/2020 20:28

by Theo Salaun


Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has various flavors of gameplay, a bright, colorful aesthetic, and lets 100 jelly bean characters duke it out in a mini-game battle royale. Fittingly, they dared streamer, Rudeism, to play the game using literal candy and he somehow obliged.

Some guys fall, some guys knock, some guys use capacitive touch sensors and turn 11 jelly beans into a controller so that they can knock other guys until they fall. Using a Makey Makey kit, New Zealand-based Twitch streamer Rudeism has enlisted the help of colorful beans to help him defeat other colorful beans.


In Fall Guys, players dress one jelly bean-esque character up and then duel it out against 99 other outfitted candies in a series of mini games to be the last remaining one standing. In a more literal take on BR than many others, standing is a legitimate point of emphasis in the title as the primary mechanics for jousting are simply bumping into one another, tugging on one another, and conversely using goofy mobility to avoid enemy aggression.

There are no guns in this game, just silly little costumed beans bumping into each other in a sea of obstacles, atop an actual sea that spells imminent doom. It’s like the iconic 2008 television obstacle show, Wipeout, but in a cute cartoon world that belies its true competitive nature.


As for how Rudeism is able to turn his beans into a controller, he explained that they are glued to the table and attached with touch sensors that are then wired to a circuit board, which designates inputs for each one. This essentially turns each bean into a keyboard’s key, enabling him to easily play the game once a fear of sticky fingers is overcome.

He has four beans for character movement, four for directional facing, and three for jump, dive, and grab. If you want to copy that technique, or think you can improve upon it, the options are limitless and you might not need a beta access code for Fall Guys for much longer. The game is slated to release on August 4 for both Playstation 4 and PC through Steam.