All items in Tunic: Full list of items & upgrades

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The magical world of Tunic has got multiple items for you to discover and collect, so here’s everything you need to know about all of the existing items and upgrades in the game.

Tunic features a whole host of different items in its world to discover as you progress through its story. Some of these items aid in combat while others help to increase health, allow you to block attacks, and even to shoot a grappling hook to traverse the environment with.

if you’re wondering just which items are available in Tunic and what each of them does, our handy list will help to give you a better idea about everything in the game.

Tunic woodland area with gate
The instruction manual has all the clues you need to progress Tunic’s story.

List of all items in Tunic

In Tunic, there are a total of 21 items that include swords, ability cards, magic orbs, and lots more. Each of these items can be used in unique ways, so read on to find out all of their uses within the game:

Item Use
Blue Fruit Restores magic
Ability Cards Enhances fox’s stats and skills
Effigy An item that rewards with random gifts like Gold and Crystals
Fire Bomb Explodes and sets enemies on fire
Golden Coin Increases charm slots
Gun Shoots bullets in burst fire
Hot Pepper Increases attack stat
Ice Bomb Explodes and freezes enemies
Keys Opens locked doors
Lantern Illuminates dark areas
Lure Creates a fox-shaped decoy
Magic Dagger  Releases a burst of ice
Magic Orb Shoots a grappling hook
Magic Potion Increases health
Magic Rod Shoots a ball of fire
Red Fruit Restores health
Shield Blocks attacks
Stick Fox’s very first weapon
Sword Fox’s second weapon, stronger than the stick
Vine Temporarily increases defense
Wand The main magic weapon, used for ranged attack

List of all upgradeable items in Tunic

Alongside the items mentioned in the table, there are also a total of six upgradeable items in Tunic, which help to increase attack, defense, health, magic, stamina, and potion stats. Some of these items are often hidden out of view, so make sure you search each and every corner to locate them.

The process of upgrading these items is simple: All you need to do is stand in front of a Fox statue and offer the item that you want to upgrade in exchange for in-game currency. Here’s a list of all the upgradeable items in Tunic:

Item Use
Blue Mushroom Magic Upgrade
Fang Attack Upgrade
Flower Health Upgrade
Fox Doll Defense Upgrade
Leaves Stamina Upgrade
Pressed Petals Potion Upgrade

So, there you have it — that’s the entire list of items that Tunic has to offer throughout the game. While Tunic was initially released for Xbox and PC in March of 2022, it will launch for PS4 & PS5 later this year on September 27, 2022.

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