Tunic Ability Card locations, effects & more

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If you’re wondering how to collect Ability Cards in the world of Tunic, don’t worry, as we’ve got details about all of the card locations you need to know in the game.

Tunic follows the journey of a small fox in a magical world and successfully brings out your inner adventurer. On its journey into the unknown, you’ll come across some useful items called Ability Cards.

These cards help to notch your mystical powers up which ultimately helps to overcome powerful boss fights in the game. Here’s a guide on how to find all Ability Cards in Tunic.

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Ability Cards enhance the stats and skills of the fox.

All Tunic Ability Card locations

In Tunic, you’ll find every Ability Card hidden inside chests dispersed throughout its world. Each of these cards offers unique abilities that you equip, enhancing the fox’s stats and skills.

There are a total of 16 Ability Cards in the game which you’ll get to discover with the game’s progression. Here’s a rundown of the locations of all these cards in the game:

  • Anklet Card: Forest Fortress (behind Hero’s Grave)
  • Aura’s Gem Card: Quarry (top right)
  • Bracer Card: Ruined Atoll (east of the Shrine on the beach)
  • Cyan Peril Ring Card: West Garden (beside Hero’s Grave)
  • Dagger Strap Card: Swamp (south side of the Shrine)
  • Inverted Ash Card: Overworld (top left)
  • Louder Echo Card: Under West Garden Well (top left side)
  • Lucky Cup Card: Overworld (bottom left)
  • Magic Echo Card: Ruined Atoll (south side of the gate)
  • Muffing Bell Card: Under Eastern Vault (behind the waterfall)
  • Orange Peril Ring Card: Dark Tomb (inside Ladder Room)
  • Perfume Card: Swamp (top of the ladder)
  • Scavenger’s Mask Card: Monastery
  • The Bone Card: Ruined Atoll (bomb the wall next to the rock with a flower located north of Envoy)
  • Tincture Card: Ruined Atoll (on the left of the stairs)
  • Unknown Sword Card: Overworld (bottom right after going through the locked door)

All Ability Cards and their effects in Tunic

Now that you know where to find the Ability Cards in Tunic, here’s the complete list of the effects that the cards induce on the fox when equipped:

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Ability Card Effect
Anklet Card
Increases movement speed
Aura’s Gem Card
Increases parry timeframe
Bracer Card
Reduces Stamina cost while blocking
Cyan Peril Ring Card
Increases defense when health is low
Dagger Strap Card
Reduces Magic Dagger casting time
Inverted Ash Card
Make Health potions restore magic
Louder Echo Card
Increases Echo of Soul effect damage radius
Lucky Cup Card
Makes enemies drop hearts that restore health
Magic Echo Card
Makes Echo of Soul restore magic
Muffing Bell Card
Decreases detection range of all enemies
Orange Peril Ring Card
Increases attack when health is low
Perfume Card
Increases Stamina recovery
Scavenger’s Mask Card
Negates Health-draining crystals and attack effects
The Bone Card
Doubles invincibility window during dodge rolls
Tincture Card Increases attack and lower defense
Unknown Sword Card
Sword strikes set enemies on fire
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PlayStation owners will be able to enjoy Tunic soon.

How many Ability Cards can the fox equip in Tunic?

In Tunic, you can equip up to five Ability Cards but for that, you’ll need to find and throw all 15 Gold Coins into a well. If you did not manage to find each and every Gold Coin, you can equip only one Ability Card but you may swap with another one anytime.

Tunic also allows you to swap them in the middle of boss fights, so that’s a bonus! But you need to remember that opening the inventory will not pause the game and you’ll have to decide wisely. The game is coming to PS4 & PS5 on September 27, 2022.

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So, there’s everything you need to know about the locations and effects of all Ability Cards in Tunic.

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