Top 5 anime series that deserve video game reboots

Alan Bernal

Anime fans looking to be even more immersed into the worlds they love often find comfort in popular video game adaptations of their favorite franchises. With advances in the games industry, it’s the perfect time for developers to consider rebooting or creating a new titles for fans to fall in love with.

Popular anime franchises have enjoyed gripping video game adaptations throughout the years, and while a lot of these games hit their mark, some have left fans wanting a new entry to dive in to.

With that in mind, there are some anime series that could use a reboot, or a game in general, that would definitely be extremely popular with fans of the shows.

Re:Zero’s approach to death could be an interesting mechanic in a larger story-driven game.

5. Re:Zero

Though it isn’t the most conventional anime, Re:Zero has a passionate following who already have a video game to spend hours on.

But this could definitely be a contender seeing how the next season of the anime has been announced, making it a prime time option to revisit Subaru in a more thrilling scope.

4. CowBoy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop incredibly blends great characters with intense gunfights, but since its Japan-exclusive 2005 PlayStation 2 title, there hasn’t been much in terms of video game adaptations.

Even though it is an older series to adapt, a space bounty hunter game filled with the wit and charm that the show had could be right up most players’ alley, let alone the troves of anime fans who would rush to the game.

BANDAI VISUAL/KOBAL/REX/SHUTTERSTOCKFans of the mega popular anime Cowboy Bebop know it could make on of the funniest action adventure games if done right.

3. Cyber City Oedo 808

Going a bit further from the norm, here’s an anime that doesn’t get too much attention but it has a great premise that would easily translate to a video game.

The short series featured three criminals who have huge life-sentences, but work with law enforcement to take on the more dangerous missions to reduce the time they have to serve.

In 1991, Nippon Computer System actually made a video game version of the franchise, but that was two decades ago and there’s been a fair few advances in technology since to give a more faithful interpretation to the adaption.

MadhouseCyber City Oedo 808’s premise by itself could be a great title, let alone the madness that would ensue by introducing the trio of criminals to a game.

2. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Of course, the characters from the JoJo series aren’t strangers to video games. The anime has had plenty of games in its vision since the early ’90s up until the present with a battle royale arcade game, a 2015 PlayStation title, and even an appearance in Jump Force.

While there are some who might think it’s time to give JoJo a break in games, with more powerful consoles on the horizon, might as well keep the trend alive with an updated title in the new decade.

David ProductionA next gen JoJo game would be able to perfectly capture all the characters and combat from the show.

1. FullMetal Alchemist

The timeless anime has won over fans since its release, while also being a hot target for video game adaptations in the early 2000s.

via Pop VerseFullMetal Alchemist has an entire cast of beloved characters who could bring great in a wide-open adventure game.

Though it doesn’t seem like there’s another title on the way any time soon, FullMetal has loads of rich characters, intuitive combat and enemies, as well as a deep story that could attract more than just anime enthusiasts.

As long as there are video games, there are sure to be anime adaptions to release but there are no short of great franchises to adapt for home entertainment platforms.

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