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Cosplayer creates dazzling rendition of My Hero Academia’s Momo Yaoyorozu

Published: 4/Jun/2019 21:19 Updated: 4/Jun/2019 21:47

by Alan Bernal


My Hero Academia features a large cast of characters each with their own unique outfits that compliment their Quirks, and one cosplayer expertly recreated one of the show’s most versatile heroines Momo Yaoyorozu.

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Characters from the popular manga/anime have been a popular target for cosplayers to give their own spins on throughout the years. While some cosplayers tend to like the more villainous personalities of the show, others have been honing their craft recreating the students from Class 1-A.

Even though Momo can take a passive role at times, she’s always been a fan-favorite because of her heroic spirit and dazzling outfit that lets her best utilize her Quirk: Creation.


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BonesMomo has always been a favorite among cosplayers.

To recreate her design, cosplayer Rinnie Riot used an incredible blend of expert craftsmanship, persistence with her wig and a bit of editing to bring one of the most complete looks for Momo yet.

“Momo Yaoyorozu from Boku No Hero Academia cosplay,” Rinnie said. “Gimme this OP quirk so I can never leave my house. Costume is made by me! I didn’t think I could style the wig but here it is.”

Sticking close to the Everything Hero: Creati’s design, Rinnie suited up in the hero’s “Yaoyoreotard,” which would give her ample skin exposure to conveniently use her Quirk in a dicey situation.


rinnieriotcosplay InstagramRinnie definitely went above and beyond to create her awesome Momo design.
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MHA fans might appreciate the cosplay a bit more seeing as Rinnie also included Momo’s Yaoyoro-Belt around her waist to give the costume a bit more authenticity.

Speaking of, staying true to Momo’s Quirk, Rinnie posed with blade in one hand and a katana in the other which is still materializing from her body. The bit of Photoshop magic rounds out the shot of her cosplay by giving the costume a unique layer from the anime.

Rinnie’s cosplays have been a riot among fans

Rinnie has shown her prowess for creating cosplays for a long time, and it shows with her incredible backlog of impressive designs.


rinnieriotcosplay InstagramHer K/DA Ahri shows the same kind of attention to detail for the League of Legends champion.

One such cosplay was inspired by popular MOBA League of Legends as Rinnie is seen in a really impressive K/DA Ahri suit complete with tails and Korean pop-star flair.

Rinnie is definitely one of the best around and fans can’t wait to see more cosplays after getting a look at her latest take on Momo.