The Sims 4 new content road map reveals 3 expansion packs coming soon

by David Purcell


A series of upcoming The Sims 4 expansion packs have been confirmed as part of the game's new content road map. 

The game's developers, Maxis, have made sure that the game is regularly updated with constant new features being rolled out, and now members of the community have even more to look forward to.

With so many people now stuck at home in self-isolation, the senior producer of the game series has revealed that in the next six months there will be three different sets landing in the game, which is published by EA.


Michael Duke announced the news on April 7, with upcoming updates including an Expansion Pack, Stuff Pack, and Game Pack.

After having his timeline flooded with messages about what's coming next in The Sims 4, the chief tweeted: "I know many of you keep asking about what is next for The Sims. We are working on 3 new packs for The Sims 4." 

The tweet linked fans up with a blog post that delved a bit deeper into some of the work that's being done behind the scenes to ensure its player base won't be bored for the remainder of 2020.


The Stuff Pack, which is placed right in the middle on the calendar graphic tweeted out by Duke, is actually one whereby the contents of it is decided by fans. Themes from the fan vote have varied between Arts & Crafts to Happy Haunts, and soon enough devs will reveal the winner and show what they have in store.

Even in the blog post, though, The Sims team have remained tight-lipped about each of the new updates, simply teasing that players should get ready for the surprises ahead.

New content is coming soon in The Sims 4.


Duke said in the post: "We have been working on some fun ways to Stay Home and Play Together. No, we are not doing multiplayer. We want to help our community of players connect with each other (and us!) in this time of social distancing.

"As part of that, we Gurus want a chance to share more with you. We are not ready to spill all the details, but I am thrilled about it, and you will get more info soon."

Surprises are also seemingly in the works, too, with Duke saying parts of what makes the Game Pack so special is that it's a "major first" for the team, so we'll just have to wait and see what transpires. What we do know, though, is that a lot of new content is coming, and that can't be a bad thing.