Square Enix provides surprise update on next Just Cause game

an image of just causeSquare Enix

Square Enix may just have confirmed the development of Just Cause 5, as fresh documents following the Embracer merger signal new life for the open-world franchise. 

Earlier this year Square Enix sold off an enormous majority of its assets to Embracer Group, with many of their beloved IPs included in the deal. However, the Just Cause franchise, developed by Avalanche Studios, was said to remain under the Square Enix banner.

Now, after lying dormant since 2018, Square Enix may just have confirmed that the fifth Just Cause game is finally on the way.

An image of rico in just cause 4Square Enix
Just Cause 4 was released in 2018 but was met with mixed reviews from long-time players of the franchise.

Just Cause 5 in the works according to Square Enix investor meeting

Square Enix released a briefing from an investor meeting held in May, which stated that “the Just Cause franchise will remain our IP, and we are at work developing a new title in the franchise.”

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This not only cements their comments amid the Embracer merger but means that Avalanche Studios are splitting their resources too.

Avalanche Studios is currently developing their brand new game Contraband, which is slated to be an Xbox exclusive. The game is a “co-op smuggler’s paradise set in the fictional world of 1970s Bayan.”

Players waiting for Just Cause 5 can check out the franchise’s spin-off title, Just Cause Mobile, which is set to release towards the end of 2022.

Details of the game have been kept under wraps, but we do know that the mobile entry will focus on four different game modes, as opposed to traditional open-world chaos.

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Just Cause 5 has the potential to be an immense title for the franchise, as next-gen hardware will allow destruction on a scale we’ve never seen.