Exciting Spider-Man PC mod finally adds first-person web-slinging to game

Eleni Thomas
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Marvel’s remastered Spider-Man title has just gotten a new PC mod that introduces first-person web-slinging to the game and the streets of New York city.

2018’s Marvel’s Spider-Man game was a smash hit, in large part due to developer Insomniac capturing the excitement and fun of the titular characters web-slinging abilities. While the game allows players to do this from a third-person perspective, a new mod now offers up a whole new way to experience this feature. 

Modder jedijosh920 has gone the extra mile, creating a mod that allows users to play through the web-slinging element to the game in first-person. They uploaded a video to YouTube showing off the mod and also gives players an idea of how the web-slinging elements of the game play out.

The movement is surprisingly fluid and the fantastic visuals of the game really make it feel like you’re swinging through the city as Spider-Man. For a mod, the first person experience plays out well.

Of course, the experience of swinging through the city from this perspective adds a layer of realism and movement which may have some players who struggle with motion sickness a bit taken aback.

When climbing up a wall the first-person, Spider-Man’s hands even come into frame, as well as his legs during web-slinging if he is trying to gain extra momentum.

Since arriving to PC in August 2022, Marvel’s Spider-Man has become the next big thing for the modding community. Initially, modders were simply changing up the appearance of Spider-Man to have him resemble other notable characters in pop culture. 

Players can now swing through the city as the likes of Shrek, Kermit the Frog, and even Saul Goodman. While most of the mods created for Spider-Man have been light and fun so far, some players have taken advantage of the freedom of the PC version in all the wrong ways, with one modder creating an anti-LGBTQ+ mod. The mod was quickly taken down and the creator was banned.

Marvel’s Spider-Man was first released on PC on August 12, 2022. This version serving as a remastered version of the 2018 PlayStation game. In Dexerto’s review of Spider-Man PC, we called the port a “web-slinging success.” 

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