Shroud explains why battle royale games are “boring” to him now

James Busby
shroud talking on stream

Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek is renowned for his incredible FPS skills, but the streamer recently gave his opinions on the battle royale genre.

Shroud is no stranger to the world of Battle Royale games. In fact, the streamer has spent a lot of time playing everything from Warzone to Apex Legends. Despite his eagle-eyed precision and fantastic game sense, the popular FPS streamer has stated how he is tired of the current BR genre. 

For many players, the squad-based mayhem of these competitive games makes for some exhilarating action. However, shroud has seemingly grown tired of the current formula. This isn’t too surprising, especially since the market has been oversaturated with battle royale games. 

Shroud gives thoughts on battle royale games

Shroud streaming Apex Legends
Shroud gave his opinion on the BR genre during his Apex Legends stream.

During his recent Apex Legends stream, shroud gave his honest opinion on what he thinks of the ever-growing popularity of BR games. “I really want to play Valorant right now. Nothing’s wrong with Apex, but I’m going to be honest, I just don’t give a f*ck about battle royales anymore,” explained the popular streamer. 

While shroud has recently been playing Apex, it’s clear he has grown tired of the gameplay that the genre provides. “I think they’re boring and shit. The format is poo poo. Unless someone invents a new format, but current BR formats p*ss me off.” 

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Like many FPS players, shroud would love to see something different added to the current market. Whether it’s a new BR that shakes up the well-trodden tropes or a fresh experience entirely, there’s no denying that innovative ideas would help provide a bit more variety when it comes to this popular game type. 

Whether shroud will continue to stream BR content on Twitch remains to be seen, but for now, the streamer seems unexcited about this ever-growing trend.