Saints Row players hit out at devs for removing ‘Rim Jobs’ garage

Michael Gwilliam
saints row reboot

Long-time Saints Row fans are not happy with some of the censorship changes made in the new game such as switching up the series’ mechanic garage “Rim Jobs” to something a bit more PG.

The new Saints Row game is finally out and reviews have been mostly average. Dexerto’s Ava Thompson-Powell gave it a 7, praising its customization and accessibility options while criticizing how quiet the world of Santo Ileso felt.

However, some fans are not taking issues with the gameplay. Instead, they’re rallying against the removal of certain jokes from previous entries.

On August 22, YouTuber Sophia Narwitz blasted the developers for changing the name of “Rim Jobs” – a car mechanic store in the original games to “Jim Robs.”

Saints Row fans blast devs for removing jokes

In a post on Twitter, Narwitz pondered why the developers chose to remove “Rim Jobs” from the newest entry, asking who was offended by the pun, to begin with.

“Even the wokest of the woke can even be upset by that. In no universe was it offensive,” she remarked. “I’m just baffled by these creative decisions. Who is this game actually for? And how can you call yourself Saints Row while being afraid to make an inoffensive sex pun?”

Others pointed out how this wasn’t the only change to the series’ shops and services – burger joint ‘Freckle Bitch’s’ had been changed to just ‘FB’s’ in this recent installment.

Some even wondered if the negative reaction to Saints Row’s politically correct updates could result in Rockstar Games shifting from its decision to tone down offensive jokes in GTA 6.

Whether or not we ever see a return of Rim Jobs and Freckle Bitch’s in a future game remains to be seen, but it’s clear that some fans are not happy with the direction taken on this latest entry.