All Perks in Saints Row & how to unlock them: Major, Minor, Elite perks list

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Turning your custom Boss into a powerful character in Saints Row is easy, especially when you equip Perks. There are heaps of upgrades to acquire in Santo Ileso, so here is a full list of all of the Perks you can unlock in Saints Row.

The Saints Row franchise has always enabled players to become extremely powerful. Whether that’s by using outrageous weapons or abilities, the Saints Row reboot gives players an array of Perks to choose from.

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Each Perk grants the player a unique upgrade, so here’s a list of each one that we currently know about and how you can unlock all of them in your playthrough of Saints Row.

How to unlock Perks in Saints Row

After you created the Boss of your dreams and mastered the game’s Wingsuit, you’ll want to ensure you’ve got the best Perks activated. They can be unlocked in Saints Row by progressing through the game’s story and completing ‘Challenges’ along the way. To view your ‘Challenges’ you’ll need to follow these steps:

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  • Open up the in-game cell phone
  • Scroll to the ‘Missions‘ app
  • Select the ‘Mission’ app and go to the ‘Challenges‘ tab.

Here you will see every task that you’ll need to complete in order to unlock Minor, Major, and Elite Perks in Saints Row.

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You’ll certainly be busy as you complete every challenge.

If you haven’t unlocked many Challenges, continue to level up your character by completing story missions and engaging in combat.

Saints Row Perk list

Split between Minor, Major, and Elite tiers, we have discovered a total of 34 unique Perks in Saints Row. Once you’ve gained them all, you’ll also unlock the ‘Jack Of All Trades’ achievement too. If more are revealed throughout our playthrough, we’ll be sure to update this list accordingly.

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Minor Perks in Saints Row

Minor PerksDescription
Tactical TrainingMove quicker while crouching and using fine aim
Death RaceWhile you’re close to death, you will move faster
In the FlowNever lose flow except when you use a skill
Close CallVehicle gains more boost are a ‘near miss’
GunslingerHip fire more accurately
Sneak AttackInflict more damage with attacks from behind
Fire ResistantTake less fire damage
Dead EyeReload speed is faster after performing headshots
Loot GrabAutomatically bring cash and ammo towards you from the ground
Shock TacticsTaze enemies when you attack them with melee
TrampolineGain more altitude while using the Wingsuit
Speed DemonBoost time increased while driving

Major Perks in Saints Row

Major PerksDescription
On the Down LowAll actions generate less notoriety
ScavengerCollect more rounds when you pick up ammo
Full ContactKick cooldown is reduced on enemies
Fast LearnerGain more XP as you level up
Nihil ObstatNPC Saints do more damage
Shiny & ChromeDamage increased when side-swapping vehicles
Dual WieldHold an SMG in both hands while shooting enemies
Flow GambitSacrifice damage in return for more Flow when hitting enemies

Elite Perks in Saints Row

Elite PerksDescription
Saving ThrowGain two more health bars when your health is nearly depleted
Surgical StrikeTemporary damage buff after performing up to five precision kills

And there you have it — you’re ready to equip Perks and become the ultimate Boss in Saints Row. While you take over Santo Ileso, be sure to check out our other guides.

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