How to get and use the Wingsuit in Saints Row

An image of the wingsuit in Saints RowDeep Silver Volition

If you’re not sure how to get the Wingsuit in the Saints Row reboot, here’s how you can acquire, use and upgrade the Wingsuit in Deep Silver Volition’s open-world adventure.

Deep Silver Volition’s Saints Row reboot has plenty of strange and exciting weapons for players to use in their quest to take over Santo Ileso, but the Wingsuit is one of best additions yet to the Saints Row franchise.

If you’re not sure how to get the Wingsuit in the latest Saints Row game, then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

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How to get the Wingsuit in Saints Row

While some of the features in the new Saints Row game are locked away, the Wingsuit is far easier to acquire than you think — that’s because you already have it from the start of the game!

Yes, developers Deep Silver Volition keep the brilliant new feature a secret from the player, but you can actually access it as soon as you step foot into Santo Ileso.

How to use the Wingsuit in Saints Row

There are a few methods available to use the Wingsuit:

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  • Use the ‘Rooftop Access’ areas marked on the in-game map for high buildings
  • Launch yourself from the Weather Stations marked on the in-game map
  • Gain speed in a car (with a roof) and press ‘Jump To Wingsuit’

If you’re looking for considerable height, then using the Elevators is one of the best methods in-game. Outside of that, most surfaces allow the player to activate the Wingsuit, pending they are high enough above the ground.

an image of the weather stations in saints rowDeep Silver Volition
Weather Stations are an easy way to gain height for the Wingsuit.
an image of rooftop access in saints rowDeep Silver Volition
Rooftop Access will take players to the top of skyscrapers.

How to upgrade the Wingsuit in Saints Row

As you take over new ventures and level up, you’ll receive a useful upgrade for maintaining speed. This can be unlocked by progressing through the story and using the Wingsuit often, allowing you to use pedestrians as a hilarious way to boost yourself into the air.

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And there you have it, now you’re ready to soar through the skies of Santo Ileso. Be sure to check our other guides as you take over the city.

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