Resident Evil Village Luiza key location: Where to find Luiza’s treasure

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Resident Evil Village is filled with all kinds of hidden loot, but one of the most valuable is Luiza’s treasure.

Luiza is one of the first characters Ethan encounters in Resident Evil Village, but players will only get access to her most prized possession later in the game. Unlike the Riverbank treasure, this well-hidden item doesn’t require any puzzle solving – instead, players only need to locate Luiza’s key and the hidden chest. Of course, finding Luiza’s key and treasure can be a little tricky, especially if you don’t know where to search.

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Whether you’re looking to purchase every weapon and upgrade from Duke or just wish to earn money fast, you’ll want to add Luiza’s treasure to your collection. After all, collecting the game’s various treasures is one of the best ways to earn a sizable sum of Lei.  

Luiza’s key location Resident Evil Village

Luiza's key Resident Evil VillageCapcom
Luiza’s key can be found at the location above.

In order to get Luiza’s key, you’ll first need to head back over to Luiza’s House and locate a jewelry box outside her house. Simply follow the instructions below to find the key:

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  1. Head east through the Fallow Plot towards Luiza’s House
  2. Kill the flying Samca’s that are flying around the field
  3. Open the jewelry box on the stairs
  4. Pick up Luiza’s necklace
  5. Examine the necklace.
  6. Remove the Necklace Stone
  7. Examine Luiza’s Necklace again
  8. Take the hidden key

Luiza’s treasure location Resident Evil Village

Luiza's treasure Resident Evil VillageCapcom
You’ll need Luiza’s key if you wish to get the treasure.

Now that you have acquired Luiza’s key, simply head back through the Fallow Plot and towards the Altar. Once you’re at the Altar, follow the instructions below: 

  1. Take the Lone Road (west of the Altar)
  2. Enter the house on the left
  3. Open the locked box with Luiza’s key 
  4. Take Cesare’s Goblet

The goblet can be sold at Duke’s for a sizable sum of Lei, so make sure you take it back to him if you’re in need of money for that next big purchase. 

There you have it, everything you need to know about locating Luiza’s key and treasure in Resident Evil Village. Make sure you check out our Resident Evil page for all the latest news and guides.

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