Pokemon Unite stats reveal the most popular Pokemon to use

Pokemon Unite most picked PokemonTiMi Studio Group

New stats have revealed the most popular Pokemon picks in Pokemon Unite – and they might surprise you.

TiMi Studios’ version of an RTS is loved by both Pokemon and MOBA fans alike. Being able to choose a fighter and work together with friends to take down an objective is always welcome by the diehard fanbases.

As is the nature of competitive games, some characters are picked more than others. There are different reasons for it, be it because it’s your favorite Pokemon since childhood, it has the best set of moves, or it’s just plain fun to play.

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In the end, no matter the reason, some get picked more than others.

pokemon-unite-devs-hide-scoreTiMi Studio Group
Pokemon Unite released in July

Pokemon Unite stats reveal the most popular Pokemon

According to Reddit user duelaxis — a frequent supplier of Pokemon Unite data — pick rate on certain ‘mon has shifted quite a bit while the top has remained mostly the same.

Based on data gathered from the top 100 Master Rank players’ last 20 matches, the fan-favorite Lucario comes in at first place with a 15.6% usage rate. This is the second week in a row that the Pokemon has been at the number one spot after he overtook Greedent on patch

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There are other things to note as well. Both Eldegoss and Venusaur who are placed just under Lucario at second and third respectively also remained stagnant for a second week in a row. The game also saw its newest addition, Tsareena, soar into the top five.

While the top half remained mostly unchanged, the bottom half experienced a lot of shifting. Almost nearly every Pokemon from the 11th to 20th position went down at least one spot, except two. Cinderace jumped six spots into number 12 and Slowbro who made his debut on the list took the 18th spot.

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All in all, the three-headed hydra of Lucario, Eldegoss, and Venusaur look like they are here to stay at least until the next meta change.

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