Pokemon Go players roasts Niantic for “badly” designed infographic for Rising Shadows event

Jeremy Gan
Shadow Mewtwo in newest Pokemon Go event

Pokemon Go players are roasting Niantic after a hilariously “horribly designed” infographic for the new Rising Shadow raids was posted on their Instagram. 

We are midway into Pokemon Go’s Season 10, and we have already seen a plethora of new raids and research tasks. And the newest event for the Rising Hero season, Shadow Raids, is finally live.

For the very first time, the limited time event gives you the chance to catch tougher Shadow Pokemon.

However, it seems Pokemon Go’s social media team was abit to quick to announce Shadow Raids, after they posted a questionably designed infographic on their Instagram page

In a now deleted Instagram post, the Pokemon Go instagram page uploaded an infographic for the new Shadow Raids event. However upon closer inspection, players spotted a couple of misplaced assets on the infographic. 

For some reason, there is a Galarian Ponyta and Mega Pinsir tacked onto the infographic. And if you do decide to actually observe it, there’s also a ton of small mistakes and poor design. A user in a Reddit thread decided to compile all of them. 

Such as the letter “i” missing for words which should contain it, same with the letter “t”. A regular Scraggu is listed as a “if you’re lucky” encounter despite being common, the phrase “if you’re lucky, you may encounter a shiny one!” is copy/pasted throughout the entire infographic, and the Pokeballs are badly cropped. 

As a user described it, “it looks like someone who tried to use Photoshop or Indesign and couldn’t figure out how to make things like the shiny icon snap to images and were like, ‘good enough’’”.

With others just straight up roasting the devs callousness, “jesus Niantic really is a shambles of a company isn’t it?” another user wrote. 

As of now, the reposted version fixed up the grammatical errors and random Ponyta and Pinsir, however some of the other design issues still remain.