Pokemon Go ‘A Mystic Hero’ Special Research reset leaves players furious

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Shortly after the ‘A Mystic Hero’ event ended, Pokemon Go players reported their progress on certain Special Research tasks had been reset without warning from Niantic.

Pokemon Go players were ecstatic to see another limited-edition Lapras form added to the game via the ‘A Mystic Hero’ event. But instead of randomly encountering one in the wild or having to take one down in raids, every player was given the opportunity to catch one via Special Research.

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Players would only have to complete nine challenges to unlock the costumed Lapras encounter, the first six of which were a breeze. However, the final three took a bit longer for some players to complete. They included landing a number of Excellent throws, evolving numerous Pokemon, and earning candy while walking with your Buddy.

While avid players were quick to complete these, some were taking their time with each one. And due to what many players assume is an error, their progress for the third page of the ‘A Mystic Hero’ tasks was wiped, forcing them to start over.

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‘A Mystic Hero’ streak broken message in Pokemon Go

Late on April 17, after the ‘A Mystic Hero’ ended, players logged on to Pokemon Go and were greeted with a “Streak Broken” popup. This usually appears when players fail a challenge that requires them to complete a number of tasks in a row, whether that be Curveball throws without missing or spinning Pokestops multiple days in a row.

But this popup left players confused, as they hadn’t done anything to warrant the message to appear. This prompted them to check their Special Research tasks, where they discovered the progress for the ‘A Mystic Hero’ tasks had been reset. Multiple Dexerto employees confirmed this was the case.

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Reddit user Present-Ring9425 brought this to the attention of fellow Pokemon Go players, who were furious to their progress had been reset as well. “I’m furious. What a waste of candy for the evolves. I was at 9/10,” one user commented.

Another stated, “I was 0.5 km from the final candy for the final task, fml I would’ve been done in 5 minutes.”

While Niantic has yet to respond to the reports, they did recently address another issue. According to Niantic, there was an error in the information on the Sustainability Week blog regarding eggs. Instead of event Pokemon hatching from 2km eggs, the blog was meant to state they will hatch from 7km eggs.

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