Nintendo fans rejoice after discovering hidden amiibo changes

Lawrence Scotti
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Nintendo fans were excited to discover that the new Super Smash Bros Ultimate amiibo for Min Min doesn’t need to be removed from its casing to be scanned to the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo’s flagship toys-to-life figures, amiibos, exploded in popularity upon their original release back in 2014. The figures have built-in NFC chips and have become beloved for their collectability and well as their ability to connect to supported games providing everything from extra loot to holding onto save data.

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Amiibos launch coincided with the release of Super Smash Bros Wii U, and since then, the company has released amiibos for nearly every character in the franchise.

Now, eight years later, fans believe Nintendo has made a major change to amiibos in favor of hardcore collectors.

mario smash bros fluud moveSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate
Mario is the face of the Smash Bros franchise.

Min Min amiibo scannable through box

Reddit user TrevNick shared their discovery that the new Min Min amiibo, released on April 29, is scannable through the original box.

The discovery was shocking, as Nintendo has always included a blocker within amiibo casing, making gamers decide between preserving the amiibos value in the box or ripping it open and playing with it.

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Nick titled the video, “Is Nintendo just throwing NiB collectors a bone or showing they care less about amiibo?”

One user in the comment section wasn’t convinced the change was a nod to amiibo collectors. They said, “Maybe the cost of those little metal blockers was no longer worth it, and would have began cutting into the amiibo’s profits.”

The Nintendo-centric website NintendoLife tested out the new Min Min amiibo, and were also able to scan it through the box.

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Whether the change was intentional or not, this is certainly great for Nintendo fans who like to keep their amiibos in the original packaging.

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