MTG leaker has unreleased Magic cards confiscated by “The Pinkertons”

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A YouTuber who came into the new MTG March of the Machine: The Aftermath packs before release has had the cards confiscated after leaking them.

YouTuber OldSchoolMTG has had his unreleased MTG March of the Machine: The Aftermath cards confiscated by a private security firm hired by Magic: The Gathering owners Wizards of the Coast. The confiscation of the leaked cards comes following substantial leaks on OldSchoolMTG’s YouTube channel.

OldSchoolMTG claims that he acquired the unreleased cards after someone sold them to him. The YouTuber stated that the seller was “more of a Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh! guy”.

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OldSchoolMTG also claims that he originally only ordered March of the Machine’s collectors boxes.

Wizards of the Coast aren’t known for seeking out those leaking products. However, they appearto be taking this quite seriously. OldSchoolMTG refers to the security firm as “The Pinkertons”, but was given the number of a member of staff at Wizards of the Coast.

We’ve not yet been able to confirm whether this is the same private company used in union busting, or whether it was a joke on the YouTuber’s part.The company reportedly states that they will send over products to replace the confiscated unreleased cards.

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While OldSchoolMTG doesn’t get into the specifics of the confiscation itself, he does mention that his wife was upset and “crying” after “heavy-duty lawmen” spoke about “stolen” products.

MTG March of the Machine: The Aftermath leaks removed from YouTube

The next set for Magic: The Gathering differs slightly from prior sets. Not only is it considerably smaller than a normal set, but it’ll be released much closer to the last. Launching in May, The Aftermath is MTG’s way of adding an epilogue to the finale of its last major story.

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However, as printing will have already been finalized for the set, it’s not wrong to assume that some cards would begin leaking out of the printers. MTG cards were previously found in a landfill not that long ago.

It’s also not the first time a company has sent a third party to peoples’ houses. Nintendo is notorious for sending lawyers or other people to those who they deem bad actors.

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